7 Classic Dishes To Try In The Sacred City Of Rameshwaram
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Tourists have taken notice of the religious town of Rameshwaram, which is located on Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu. People are attracted to the place due to its clear sea, famous temples, and overall peace and positive outlook. Often referred to as one of India's dhams, this location is an important attraction for all Hindu devotees and is renowned for providing a tranquil atmosphere amidst the hectic pace of daily life. 

Even though Tamil Nadu's holy city of Rameswaram is well-known for its beaches, bridges, and temples it also has a wide range of cuisines to suit every palate. There is a wide variety of food options to suit every taste, regardless of whether the person is a vegetarian or not. Here are some foods to try and places to eat them while visiting Rameswaram.

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1. Curd Rice

Curd rice is a simple dish that consists of cooked rice and yogurt and is great for a light and pleasant meal. In South India, curd rice is a staple dish that is frequently eaten with salad, pickles, or papad. Rice with curd is beneficial for digestion and keeps the body cool, particularly during Rameswaram's hot weather. 

One will get curd rice in almost every restaurant in Rameswaram, but Gujarat Bhavan, a vegetarian eatery close to the temple, is one of the best spots to try it.

2. Puliyodarai

South Indian staples like coconut and tamarind are widely recognised. A dish called puliyodarai is made by mixing rice and tamarind. This dish is typically prepared for festivals or other special occasions and served during lunch. It is offered to God as prasadam prior to consumption, and then it is consumed by the public. This dish, which goes well with fryiums or papadams, is packed full of nutrients thanks to the addition of curry leaves, Bengal gramme dal, and tangy tamarind.

3. Paruppu Payasam

One of the most popular desserts among the residents of Rameshwaram is this sweet and nutritious dish. This classic dessert that can be eaten without any guilt with a combination of moong dal, jaggery, coconut milk, ghee, and nuts, is enjoyed by the locals after a meal. It is also a popular summertime dish and is made with slightly different ingredients when the weather gets hot. To keep the body cool and composed during the hot months, moong dal is used in its preparation. Serve hot with chopped nuts as a garnish for a delicious flavour.

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4. Filter Kaapi

Coffee is a must-have beverage after any South Indian meal. Before and after a meal, residents of Rameshwaram like to sip on a cup of filter coffee. The coffee is offered in a metal container with a perfect froth, a mixture of sugar and foamy milk, and strong flavours and aroma that keeps people active all day. 

5. Murukku

This word's literal meaning, "twisted," further emphasises the crunch and twists this dish offers! Another name for this classic item is chakli. Murrruku is deep-fried and extremely crunchy. It is frequently eaten with a cup of tea or coffee for snack time. A mixture of natural spices and gramme flour is used in its preparation. An easy snack to carry and is a must-try while visiting Rameshwaram.

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6. Fish Curry

Seafood is a speciality in Rameswaram because it is a fishing hub. Fish curry, which is prepared with fresh fish, coconut, tamarind, spices, and curry leaves, is one of the most well-liked seafood dishes in Rameswaram. Although rice is the typical offered with fish curry, people can also try it with appam, a light and fluffy rice pancake. 

7. Exotic Seafood

Love eating exotic seafood? Visit this place! Taste some of the unique seafood dishes like cuttlefish, crab meat, and baby octopus when feeling particularly daring. Seafood lovers will love these dishes, which are made with sauces, herbs, and spices. 

In addition to finding inner peace while touring sacred locations or relaxing on immaculate beaches, Rameswaram is known for its mouthwatering cuisine, which should be tried for a unique southern dining experience. Try these delicacies whenever visiting here.