7 Bougie Breakfast Ideas That Are Totally On Trend In 2024
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The very word bougie or boujee can be easily found on the tip of every Gen Z person’s tongue these days. A trend that emerged a few years back, 2023 saw the revival of bougie and experts believe that the trend of having bougie breakfasts, brunches and other meals will continue to dominate in 2024 as well. For the uninitiated, a bougie meal—whether it is a breakfast or brunch—is one dominated by indulgent, decadent and often, expensive, ingredients and flavours.  

No, this is not your mother’s or grandmother’s quick-fix breakfast, but a bourgeois one that will make you feel like a king or queen. And that’s perhaps the very reason why the bougie breakfast trend is here to stay, especially in 2024. The next generation of youngsters, who know that breakfast is an important meal, are choosing to make it an indulgent affair packed with the best and often expensive dishes that can usually be made at cafes and restaurants—but also at home with a little effort. 

If you want to explore the bougie breakfast trend in 2024, here are a few options you can easily explore. 

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Smoked Cheddar Pancakes 

One of the more expensive cheese varieties out there, smoked cheddar has a beautiful aroma and a deep, rich taste that can help you create some of the most indulgent pancakes, ever. Just grate plenty of smoked cheddar into the pancake batter. You can also accentuate the smokiness of this bougie breakfast by adding some bacon or strawberries to the batter as well. 

Bunny Chow Misal 

If you have ever had the South African fast food dish called bunny chow and the Maharashtrian staple fast food misal pav, then you should know that combining the two makes for a really indulgent and desi breakfast. Instead of the traditional curry, place misal ingredients, cheese and maybe even high-quality farsaan in a hollowed out bread in the style of bunny chow to make this incredible fusion breakfast that is perfect for bougie tastes. 

Bacon Porridge 

Can you elevate a simple bowl of breakfast porridge and make it a bougie breakfast? Yes, you can! All you need to do is make the porridge with high-quality milk, add plenty of bacon bits to it and serve it with a topping of delicious nuts, seeds, berries and fruits. You could also add smoked cheese or smoked salmon to make the porridge more bougie. 

Mutton Kari Dosa 

Most people assume dosa, that South Indian breakfast staple, to be a simple and easy to digest affair. Well, most dosa varieties are, but there is one type of dosa from the city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu that is a natural-born bougie breakfast—mutton kari dosa. Slightly thicker like a pancake, this dosa is topped with a spicy and delicious mutton keema topping, making it an indulgent dish to have for breakfast. If you want a desi-style bougie breakfast, then this one is a must-have. 

Goat’s Cheese Omelette 

With its signature aroma and unique taste, goat’s cheese has emerged as one of the most prominent bougie ingredients to uplift everything from pizzas to salads. So, why not try it out to elevate that breakfast staple, omelette? All you need to do is make a thick and delicious omelette and stuff it with goat’s cheese, and other ingredients like mushroom if you want to add more bougie-ness to it. 

Mangsher Kochuri 

This traditional Bengali dish, known for its incredibly indulgent and meaty flavours, is a rare breakfast enjoyed by people in winters—which makes it just the kind of Indian-origin bougie breakfast you need in your life. Stuffed with a spicy shredded chicken or mutton mixture, mangsher kochuri has a refined flour or maida shell that is fried to golden perfection and served with a simple potato curry, chutney and pickles. 

Cinnamon Chocolate Babka 

You may know babka to be a Jewish-origin bread which has beautiful layers because of the way it is rolled, but it is this very aesthetic presentation that makes babka a perfect entry as a bougie breakfast. Just pick a babka that is stuffed with plenty of chocolate, cinnamon and perhaps even a layer of baked apples to create the perfect base for your bougie breakfast in 2024.