Poha or Chidva, or flattened rice, is one of the most popular Indian breakfasts and is often enjoyed in different ways throughout the country. But if you're tired of eating Poha for breakfast and want to level up, we've got you covered. Yes, most Indian households make poha in more or less the same way, but we've compiled a list of clever ways to incorporate Poha into your daily diet. So, add a healthy twist to your indulgence with these simple ways to incorporate Poha into your daily diet.

1. Cutlets

Coat your boring cutlets with roasted Poha to give them a tasty twist. After shaping the cutlets, dip them in an egg wash or cornflour batter before placing them on a plate full of Poha and frying. Poha's crispy exterior will make you fall in love.

2. Namkeen

If you're trying to stick to a healthy diet and don't want your love of snacks to derail it. Then, to make your bingeing more interesting, introduce poha in a simple way. Heat the salt in a pan; once the salt is too hot, add the dry poha and peanuts. Roast them nicely, then strain them through a sieve. This will aid in the removal of excess salt. Enjoy an oil-free snack with green chillies, ginger, and onions.

3. Poha Ladoo

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then experience this mouthwatering Poha ladoo, which is made from coconut, ghee, roasted Poha, and jaggery. To make this ladoo, make jaggery syrup and add dry roasted coconut, Poha, nuts, and ghee. Combine the ingredients, roll small ladoos, and serve.

4. Smoothies

Flattened rice or Poha, which is made from rice, is high in nutrients and fibre. This is why including Poha in your daily diet is beneficial to your health and digestive system. Simply soak some Poha in milk, fresh fruits, and honey. With the goodness of Poha, you can enjoy a healthy breakfast. This will give the smoothies satiety as well as a creamy texture.

5. Kheer

To add a creamy texture to your kheer, soak some Poha and add it to your kheer; it will absorb excess water and thicken and creamy the blend. Kheer with poha results in quite a delicacy which can be enjoyed at festivals and any other day when you’d like to have this dessert.

6. Kanda Poha

This dish is extremely popular in Maharashtra. Kanda means onions in Marathi, and batata means potato. The main ingredients for making this type of poha are onions and potatoes. This Maharashtrian poha recipe is similar to the one previously mentioned. Simply add boiled potatoes to the frying pan while the other vegetables are frying. This recipe is so popular in Maharashtra that street food vendors sell kanda batata poha.

7. Poha Idli

Making poha idli is another way to spice up your meals. Idli with poha! Yes, you read that correctly. This dish is so flavourful that it can even make a bland day taste better. So, make poha idli for breakfast and enjoy it with sambar and chutney.