7 Best Two-Ingredient Cocktails You Can’t Miss
Image Credit: Screwdriver

Be it a lavish party or a gathering of friends, there have to be some drinks to set the mood right. While some prefer cocktails made up of quite rare and complex ingredients, some just get their hands on a simple two-bottle affair. And if you fall in the second category, we have brought some easy and classic cocktails made with just two ingredients. All you have to do is pour, stir and sip. 

Gin And Tonic 

This classic cocktail needs no introduction. Known for its remarkable versatility, it has gin and tonic water and is poured over ice. You can have it on boozy brunches, picnics, parties, and whatnot.  

Cuba Libre 

Three parts of gold rum and two parts of Coca-Cola make up this amazing cocktail. This classic cocktail can take away all your worries, believe me! If some legends are to be believed, this cocktail came to being Spanish-American War. 


This simple and popular cocktail has just two ingredients I.e., orange juice and vodka. This bright and bracing cocktail is said to be originated during World War II. There are other versions of this cocktail too but the original remains to be the classic.  

Black Russian Cocktail 

This classic coffee cocktail has been ruling our hearts for ages. Traditionally served over ice in a rocks glass, it has two parts vodka and one part of Kahlua and gets ready in seconds.  


When chilled orange juice meets champagne, a mimosa happens. This bright and bubbly cocktail is a perfect brunch staple and both the ingredients complement each other so well.  


Though there are so many versions of a martini, the traditional martini features gin and dry vermouth. While some prefer equal portions of gin and vermouth, some might change the proportion. No matter how you have it, you are going to feel the magic.  

Bourbon Lemonade  

If a perfect summer dish has to be named, it could be nothing better than a Bourbon Lemonade. Quick and easy, this cocktail has freshly squeezed lemonade with a spicy whisky finish. Tried it yet? 

These were some of the classic two-ingredient cocktails that are easy and amazing. Give them a try and thank us later!