7 Benefits Of Eating Leftover Rotis That You Should Know About
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Everyone craves homelike roti made fresh, and the sight of it puffing up on a stovetop increases the hunger even more. On the contrary, leftover and stale roti may not give that kind of impression. Perhaps you will be surprised to know that stale roti are more beneficial than fresh roti.

It is a common sight to see leftover roti sitting in the casserole in Indian kitchens, as it is safe to make a few rotis extra to fulfil everyone's hunger. These leftover rotis can never go to waste as Indian moms know how to use it up for making delicious snacks and side dishes with leftover roti. Unknowingly, Indian moms have inculcated such a healthy habit in everyone that people deliberately save roti to make dishes from it the next day. From distasteful to delightful, leftover roti can be transformed to many delicious recipes to savour its health benefits.

As backed by Ayurveda and Modern Sciences, leftover rotis can be a source of many vitamins and enzymes which benefits health in many ways. Know the health benefits leftover rotis have in for you and consider saving up 2 or 3 rotis to eat it the next day.

7 Benefits Of Consuming Leftover Rotis

1) Enhances Digestive Power


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Leftover and stale rotis are lighter and gentler on the stomach than fresh ones, according to Ayurveda. As the rotis age, they reduce the moisture content and become lighter and easier to digest. It is helpful for those who have weak digestion or indigestion. In addition to this, fresh rotis can also lead to gas and bloating, but aged ones are less likely to, promoting better digestion and metabolism.

2) Improves Nutrient Absorption

Despite being stale, roti retains much of its nutrients like B vitamins, iron, and fibre. As the roti ages, the complex carbohydrates break down into simpler forms, aiding in better absorption of nutrients. Eating stale roti for breakfast can provide essential nutrients without extensive cooking. The nutrients also support immune health and contribute to overall well-being and vitality.

3) Boosts Immunity

As the rotis gets stale over time, it becomes a source of prebiotics, which is a  nourishing beneficial gut bacteria. This promotes a healthy gut microbiome which is crucial to maintaining a robust immune system. Also, the altered carbohydrate structure in aged roti releases energy steadily prevents sugar spikes in blood and keeps the energy sustained for long durations. Therefore, when you consume stale roti, you are unknowingly supporting the rich ecosystem of your digestive system

4) Low in Calories

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Leftover rotis are typically low in calories as compared to fresh ones, which makes it ideal for weight management. By this time, rotis breakdown of starches reduces their calorie content. Also, the lower moisture content prevents water retention in the body. Therefore, if you are on your weight loss journey, add stale rotis to your diet.

5) Helps in Managing Blood Sugar Levels

Since stale roti have a lower glycemic index than fresh roti, the carbohydrate structure changes as it cools and reheats, allowing for better digestion and slow breakdown of sugars. This leads to a gradual glucose release into the bloodstream, maintaining stable blood sugar levels and keeping a steady energy flow.

6) Can be made into delicious recipes

Needless to say, stale rotis can be a perfect ingredient to cook delicious breakfast and late-night snacks. Whether you are making a savoury dish with vegetables or a sweet dish with fruits and honey, you can make countless recipes with stale roti.  With low prep time and delicious taste, eating stale rotis becomes more enjoyable than fresh ones.

7) Reduces Wastage of Food


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Reusing stale food items has always been a way to promote sustainability by reducing food waste. Repurposing leftover rotis can be an eco-friendly practice and give you a way to minimise kitchen waste.

With this note, start eating stale rotis and make delicious recipes out of them to enjoy their benefits. With ease of making and endless possibilities, you can convert it to delicious snacks whenever your hunger pangs call.