Almost every Indian state follows the culinary path of rich aromatic foods with a mouth-watering combination of flavours. And Guwahati is no exception. Assamese cuisine is a melting pot of unique ingredients and flavours that you rarely find anywhere else. Various indigenous tastes and traditions of cooking mean that you’ll be treated to a plethora of food and beverages that range from pungent and mild to distinct and strong. 

Although the real taste of Assamese culinary gems is best savoured in people’s homes, restaurants and, to an extent, street vendors come a close second in terms of serving yummy eats that have influence from the neighbouring states too. So, on the streets of Guwahati, you can anticipate a hot yet calming blend of local herbs and natural spices as well as other ingredients. Here are some street food items that people in ‘the gateway to northeast India’ like to indulge in.

1. Momos

The delicious momo originates in Tibet and is enjoyed by individuals of practically every age group all over the world. Momos are one of the most popular northeastern delicacies, and food carts selling them line the streets of Guwahati. From traditional dumplings to steamed and deep-fried variations, momos are a popular snack among locals and visitors and are frequently served with an old-style chilli sauce. Along with a variety of vegetarian options, you'll also discover momos stuffed with mushrooms, chicken, shrimp, or pork. One of the best places to taste this delicious dish is Momo Ghar, it is Northeast’s first momo eatery. This is an incredibly famous restaurant and a must-try.

 2. Rolls

How many times have you told your mum that rolls aren’t the same as rotis? A roll is a tasty combination of veggies, meat, eggs, onions, and sauces wrapped in a maida paratha. In the realm of rolls, parathas prepared with eggs and studded with meat are the show stoppers. It is the most convenient cuisine that allows you to eat while walking. For some, the last bite of the roll is the best because, while having all of the extra oil, it also has more flavour and keeps you wanting more. Rolls are insanely popular in Guwahati. The people love their rolls, from the adults to the kids having a quick meal break after their classes. Various kinds of rolls can be found, the prominent ones being egg roll, chicken roll, or to take things to another level - the chicken egg roll which is a combination of both.

 3. Chowmein

A platter of chowmein or chow-chow is impossible to refuse. Hawkers offer Indian-style Chinese Chowmein on the streets of Guwahati. This Indian-style chowmein has its own unique flavour that cannot be compared with hakka noodles since it is tossed with enormous chunks of onions, cabbage, chillies, various spices and sauces, and occasionally even egg and meat. Chowmein is frequently served with tomato and chilli sauce, as well as raw onion slices. One of the best places you can eat chowmein is Reboti Chat House. The eatery in itself is very iconic and their chowmein is immensely popular in Guwahati. They serve chicken chowmein, egg chowmein, and veg chowmein while also having their own special variation known as the Reboti special chowmein.

 4. Puchka

Puchka reminds you of someone who is always on your mind and in your heart. Puchka is one of those group members who you can never dislike. Puchka is a must-have, whether it’s the traditional Puchka with a potato and pea filling dipped in tamarind water or the fancy ones offered with other types of water. When you bite into a puchka, your mouth explodes with flavours, and no matter how spicy it is, you always want more. It’s also customary to request an extra puri from the puchkawala.

5. Jhalmuri

Chaat is a dish that is found in every area of India. In this way, Guwahati is not an outlier. Puffed rice, herbs, nuts, and chutneys are combined to make jhalmuri, a sweet, sour, and spicy dish. When blended with mustard oil, the jhalmuri becomes even more delectable. This dish is loved by the people of Guwahati just like other similar dishes to jhalmuri such as bhel and papdi chaat as it is one of those foods that can be eaten easily, and completely hassle-free.

6. Poori Torkari

Another delicious entry to this list is the iconic poori torkari. Poori is a deep-fried bread which is served with aloo torkari (potato curry). Poori torkari has been a part of Guwahati for years and this wholesome partnership is going to be stronger in years to come. The combination is quite popular in the city, like in the rest of the state. This is a dish that you shouldn’t miss out on.