6 Welcome Drinks Popular In Different Parts Of India
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India is a country that is famous for its hospitality. In a country where guests are considered gods, serving them with good food and drinks is a necessity. It is a common tradition in almost all Indian households to serve the guests a welcome drink along with some light snacks before giving them a proper meal. These days people avoid the hassle of making drinks at home which is why soft drinks have become more popular. 

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But soft drinks are a very alien concept for a country like India where different traditional drinks have been made for centuries and served to guests as a welcome gesture. Just like food, these drinks vary from region to region and are very much dependent upon the availability of ingredients available in that particular area. In this article, one can find some of the most popular welcome drinks from different parts of the country that are still very popular and have been made for hundreds of years.

* Chai 

The right way to start this article is by listing probably the most popular drink from India that is famous equally throughout the country, Chai. Chai is one of the trademarks of Indians and most Indians like to drink a cup of chai regularly. It is a revitalising drink that is served hot and consumed equally during summers and winters. The Indian Chai is made with a lot of milk, sugar and tea and is quite different from other kinds of tea that are prepared in the rest of the world. It also has flavours of ginger and cardamom. The mixture also contains some small amounts of water and it is cooked for a long time so that the flavour of the tea is properly enhanced in the milk and water mixture. This popular beverage can be found being sold on the streets of different parts of India.

* Chaang

Chhang is a famous drink from Ladakh that has Nepalese and Tibetan origins. It has been consumed in that part for centuries now and is a very important part of the society and culture of Ladakh and nearby areas. Its importance is so internalised that no special occasion is complete without the presence of Chhang. Not only does this alcoholic beverage help in quenching the thirst, but it also provides energy and nutrition to the body. It is made from rice, barley, and millet and produced by the process of fermentation. A lot of different regional versions of Chhang can be found in Ladakh.

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* Feni 

Feni is a famous Indian liquor that originates from Goa and is made from the famous cashew variety available in Goa along with coconuts. Today different variants of Feni can be found in Goa. It has a very tropical flavour that instantly reminds one of the beaches and the serenity of Goa. It is a very important part of Goa's culture and is often served as a welcome drink at parties and functions. Many people also like to call it the heritage drink of Goa. Since it is distilled twice, the alcohol content in this drink is pretty high so it can be consumed in a lot of different ways.

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* Panakam

Panakam is a famous drink from South India which is also offered as a serving in Hindu temples. It is also a very popular drink that is served at wedding functions and special ceremonies. This is a sweet drink and is made from ingredients like jaggery, water, ground black pepper and some cardamon for extra flavour. Many variations also use ingredients like fresh, ginger, dry ginger, Tulsi, lemon juice and honey. This is also a very nutritious drink that helps in keeping the body hydrated and supports digestion.

* Solkadhi

Solkadhi is a famous appetiser that is also eaten with fresh boiled rice. It is a highly digestive drink that is extremely popular on the Konkan coast and is a very important part of the Malvani Cuisine. This is extremely famous in Maharashtra and is made by using coconut which is an integral part of the Konkani food. It is believed that this drink has a lot of antioxidants and is extremely good for the body, especially during the summers. This drink must be rested for one hour after being prepared to enjoy the best flavours.

* Lassi 

Lassi is another popular welcome drink from northern India which has attained mainstream popularity in the past few years. Originating from Punjab, it has now become popular in many other parts of India. It is a delicious, thick and heavy drink that is made from sugar and some yoghurt. It is topped with some dry fruits and cardamoms for a delicious taste. Over the years, many different varieties of lassis like Mango Lassi, Strawberry Lassi, Rabri Lassi, and many other variants have evolved.

These are some of the popular welcome drinks from different parts of the country.