6 Weird Dishes To Satisfy Your Midnight Cravings
Image Credit: Pexels

From these weird cravings are born viral recipes that are constantly going viral on social media. Maggi with fanta or ruafza, along with kulhad pizza and chocolate golgappa—the list of weird foods is endless. 

Videos of people mixing two items to make a unique and intriguing dish are all over the internet. Internet users appear to have differing thoughts about these videos. While trying out different flavour combinations is worthwhile, there are those that are just plain bad. Check out whether these recipes satiate your strange culinary inclinations. 

6 Weird Craving Dishes You Must Try

1. Maggie's milkshake

This was the most controversial dish on the internet. People on one side were seriously opposing it, while on the other hand, they claimed it was the best weird thing ever. You'll get an unexpected thrill in your nerves from this Maggie milkshake. Upon initial thought, the dish's blend of sweet and salty tastes comes to mind. False; a milkshake is a thick concoction of salty white flour and milk. After cooking, the maggie is combined with the sauce and served in a glass. 

2. Biryani with chocolate

A popular dish among diners is the flavorful heat of biryani. But what if this meal, which seems savoury, tastes more like dessert? A dish served was biryani with a chocolate sauce topping. This odd combination may disappoint any biryani lover. However, chocolate biryani will be a delicious treat if you feel very adventurous. 

3. Fanta omelette

Omelettes are sometimes served with soft drinks as an accompaniment, but it's uncommon to combine the two to create a Fanta omelette. The omelette's spice is subdued by the Fanta. Everyone was excited to try this dish, and the public's reactions were amusing. You ought to try it as well, since it seems like there are now odd food stands. 

4. Maggi RoohAfza

Unusual food RoohAfza Maggi has also garnered a lot of attention online. This version, which is made by sweetening ordinary Maggi with a rose-flavored syrup, is really tasty. The red colour of this dish is from the syrup. The fans' hopes for Maggi have not been met by this one. When it's late at night, and you and Maggie are inside your home, you ought to give it a shot. 

5. Ice Cream

Gujarat, the birthplace of well-known mango cuisines like shrikhand, aam ras, and mango kadhi, has gone viral on the internet for its inventive and delicious creations. This unusual chaat, which features the traditional mango ice cream favourite, the Mango Dolly, was inspired by them. The recipe consists of two diced-up Mango Dolly bars, a base of bread flavoured with turmeric, syrups made of mango and strawberry, chopped almonds, and lots of cheese for garnish.

6. Gola Ice

People adore sipping ice golas on sunny beaches, but would they be open to combining ice with ice cream? Kesar rabdi, chocolate, raw mangoes, and many scoops of ice cream combine to produce this dessert, which is large enough to feed a full family and likely satisfy your annual sugar requirement.

Having weird food is good enough for people to satisfy their extreme cravings. People can try these once in a while when no one is looking. Many in the crowd have already developed a liking for it, why not you?