6 Ways To Accentuate The Flavours Of A Regular Pav
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Pav Bhaji is an Indian dish that most people in India know about. It is a dish that originated in Maharashtra, and now, every state in India has its own version of pav bhaji. Initially, pav, which is the type of bread, was only popular in the western parts of India, such as Maharashtra, Goa, and Gujarat. However, because of its texture, taste, and versatility, people in other parts of the country also started experimenting with this unique bread. 

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The best part about pav is that it can be skilfully combined with vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options. Here are some of the top complimentary condiments for pav that make a very delicious dish which can be served on special occasions like parties and festivals.

* Cutlet Pav

Cutlet pav is a dish that is one step ahead of the regular vada pav. This mouthwatering snack is very famous in Goa, and some people also like to use croquettes instead of cutlets. The cutlet is generally made from boneless chicken, which is very well-marinated and coated with an outer layer of semolina. This gives it a crispy texture from the outside after it is deep-fried. People like to eat a cutlet pav with a very spicy gravy and some green salad. This is a massive upgrade from the Western concept of burgers and also gets prepared in 15 to 20 minutes.

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* Kebabs

Another great complementary food that can be combined with pav is some succulent kebabs. Kebabs have been traditionally consumed in India for years, and different types of Indian flatbread, like naans, parathas, rotis, and many others, have been consumed. However, combining kebabs with pav is not an idea that strikes many people. This delicacy is already very famous in Maharashtra, where people like to eat tender galouti kebabs delicately placed between two pieces of pav. It is generally served with some green mint chutney and vinegar onions.

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* Anda Keema Ghotala

Anda keema is an appetising recipe that is quite popular in the Parsi community of India. This delectable dish is the perfect partner for some butter-toasted pav pieces. Anda Keema Gosht is a recipe that is one step ahead of the curve as it involves using some minced chicken or lamb meat to the dishes well. The dish consists of really fine particles of eggs and meat that are seasoned with a lot of spices and some sautéed onions. Many people believe that this dish originated in Surat, after which it became so popular that the recipe was disseminated to the rest of the world. The spicy and multilayered dish can be easily paired with some crispy pav for a perfect lunch or dinner meal.

* Keema Pav

Keema pav is a simple yet unparalleled dish that is a favourite pair of many people and is famously served in multiple restaurants around the world. This is a classic recipe where some minced meat is taken and seasoned with a lot of Indian spices like red chilli powder, cumin seed powder, garam masala and coriander powder. This minced meat is then stuffed inside a pav. Keema pav is also believed to have originated from Mumbai. The dishes are served with some green chillies, green chutney and onions for the most robust flavours.

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* Coconut Curries

The Southern coast of India is blessed with an abundance of coconut plantations that have given rise to an amalgamation of dishes, all of which use generous amounts of coconut milk. Different types of coconut curries like Goan Kajju curry, Mulakootal curry, Thengai Paal Kurma, Mambhazam Pulissery, and many more have very rich flavours of coconut milk. All these curries can become the perfect partners for well-cooked pav as the texture of this bread can absorb all the flavours of the curry and even further the flavours of these curries because of its texture.

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* Dabeli

Dabeli, also called double roti, is one of the most interesting roadside snacks that is sold in Maharashtra and Gujarat. This snack is believed to have originated in Gujarat and is a mixture of a plethora of flavours of Indian chutneys, namkeen and pomegranate seeds. Two well butter-tossed pavs are taken and filled with a masala made from mashed potatoes, crunchy onions, garlic chutney, tamarind sauce, mint chutney, aloo bhujia, coriander leaves, pomegranate seeds, and a lot of other spicy condiments to make dabeli. The dish tastes the best when all the ingredients used in its preparation are fresh. Most people in Gujarat believe that the dish was invented before vada pav despite uncanny similarities between the two.