6 Vegetable Plants That Can Be Grown In A Pot At Home
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An instant way to make one's house look more beautiful and complete is by exercising your green thumb and adding some greenery to the environment. Plants not only make a house look more put-together and greener but also provide organic fruits and vegetables if one looks after them properly. A lot of people have this misconception that looking after plants in a house garden is a very painstaking process.

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 However, every plant is very different from the others, and the process of sowing and looking after them is also autonomous. In this article, one will find a list of vegetable plants that can grow in small pots and do not even require a lot of space for growth. These are friendly for being grown in house gardens and also give delicious, bountiful rewards in the form of fresh vegetables. 

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* Tomatoes 

Tomatoes can be easily grown in small pots at home. Many people might have seen small tomato plants in a lot of house gardens that give some fresh and tasty tomatoes every season. If one wants to stick to the smallest variety of tomato plants, then opting for a dwarf tomato plant can be a great idea. One can get the same plant from the nursery nearby and specify the exact requirements. A single tomato plant can produce a lot of fruits in one season. The best part is that a tomato plant can properly thrive, even in a small part of the balcony and is quite easy to look after.

* Peas

A pea plant is so easy to grow at home that one wouldn't even require a proper pot and it can be simply sown into a small container as well. One has to simply plant the pea in a container with some fertile soil. The plant is quite self-sufficient and one doesn't have to pay a lot of attention other than simply watering it from time to time. The right time to plant it is during the early spring season. One pea plant is going to give a person enough pea supply to last a season.

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* Chilli Peppers

Who doesn't like some chilli in their food? Indian cuisine is known for its tantalising flavour and the liberal use of peppers. It is certainly a great feeling to use homegrown chilli peppers in one's food and enjoy the fruit of one's labour. Chilli peppers are one of the easiest plants that can be grown in one's home garden and also require a very small space. The seed can be simply planted in a small pot. Chilli peppers belong to the nightshade family of plants and are an ideal choice for amateur gardeners, as one doesn't have to follow a lot of rules while doing this plant at home.

* Cucumbers 

Cucumbers are one of the most aesthetically pleasing plants that one can grow at home. These are a must-have for anyone who is planning to start a container garden and is looking for compact varieties of garden plants. The only important thing that one has to remember while growing cucumbers at home is to make sure that they're provided with ample water regularly. Cucumber plants tend to get dry very quickly and require frequent watering. One would see cucumber plants being grown in a lot of home gardens in small containers.

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* Potatoes

Potato is a starchy vegetable that was natively grown in the southern part of America. After being introduced to different parts of the world, it has now become a staple food for many people. Harvesting potatoes in small pots or containers is pretty easy. Also, potatoes are a hassle-free vegetable option to be grown in the kitchen garden. One has to directly keep them under direct sunlight and keep watering them from time to time. Potatoes can be grown in different types of pots. The only thing that one has to be careful about is maintaining the quality of the soil and making sure that the plant is receiving enough sunlight.

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* Beetroot

Beetroots are considered to be one of the healthiest and most vibrant vegetables. These are used to make juices and are part of different types of salads. Beetroot is the perfect plant for a home garden, as it can grow very well in compact spaces. The only thing that one has to be careful about is choosing a pot that is quite deep. A depth of at least 10 to 12 inches is considered perfect for growing beetroot plants. The roots of the beetroot plant are quite long. So this amount of depth provides enough room for growth.