6 Variations Of Mousse With Natural Flavours That Are Must-Try

Mousse is a rich dessert with delicate flavours and smooth textures. It has now become a part of menus at many Indian restaurants known for their one-of-a-kind sweet dishes. In French, ‘mousses’ means ‘form’. The dish has many layers and textures that offer a foodie to ride on a luxurious, lightweight, and airy culinary adventure. Though mostly made with whipped cream and egg whites to infuse fluffiness, the dessert also has vegan and vegetarian variants in pastry shops.

Video Credit: Chef Ranveer Brar/ YouTube

Mousse is easy to make at home. It is among those sumptuous delicacies that do not require baking. However, it needs flavours. While you can add different notes to the recipe via artificial means, nothing can top natural options. This also allows you to explore a variety of recipes for mousse and present your guests with a number of choices. Here are a few options that you must note.

Rosemary Mousse

In many international cuisines, you might have noticed chefs using rosemary leaves. They have a fresh flavour that elevates the palate of any recipe. The bitter-sweet note is something that can make the dessert stand out among its other variants. Rosemary will also add earthy and floral notes to the dish. Add the leaves while mixing eggs and cream, and garnish with a few leaves for an extra kick.

Mango Cheesecake Mousse

Blend mango and cheesecake together, and you will have a recipe for delicious desserts in your hand. It is also a unique and lesser-explored combination that gives you an opportunity to experiment. This dessert is perfect for the summer season as the mango season is about to begin. Mix heavy cream, sugar, cream cheese, and ripe mangoes together to infuse fresh flavours into the dessert. Before serving the delicacy, top it with freshly diced mango pieces.

Tea-Infused Mousse

Tea is another unique flavour that you can infuse into mousse. You can either use lemon tea or tea spice mix to add earthy and natural notes to the recipe. You can add strained tea mix while combining cream cheese and sugar. The strong notes of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and other spices can truly enrich the experience of relishing tea-infused mousse.

Orange Mousse

Orange and dark chocolate is a deadly combination that can make any dessert a hit at a gathering. In the recipe for the mousse, you can mix orange zest as well as a little bit of juice while blending cream cheese and eggs. When you fold in melted dark chocolate, add roasted walnuts and almonds for an extract crunchy texture.

Hibiscus Mousse

Hibiscus is considered good for your hair and skin. It is also good for your digestive system and taste buds, especially when you are adding its naturally sweet flavours to the recipe of mousse. It might sound unusual, but you would be missing out on a great combination if you do not try it out. Take dried hibiscus flowers and mix them with milk, whipped cream, gelatine, and sugar.

Coffee-Chocolate Mousse

If you have tried tea, why not give coffee a chance? Rustic, earthy, and bitter notes of coffee gel impeccably with the sweet flavour of milk chocolate. Either make the combination with eggs or gelatine, you will experience gastronomical heaven after eating coffee-infused chocolate mousse.