5 Coffee And Chocolate-Infused Cocktails That You Would Love
Image Credit: Unsplash

Talking about the blend of coffee and chocolate feels like a match made in culinary heaven. With the sweetness of chocolate and the earthy bitter taste of coffee, they make the perfect addition to any dessert. But have you tried infusing them into a cocktail? You might seem sceptical at first, but these unique cocktails are pure magic.

Isn’t the art of mixology all about trying and testing different types of alcohol infused with a range of flavours? While you must already have tried the fruity cocktails, this is the time to go beyond your comfort zone and witness nothing but pure magic when chocolate and coffee come together in a Martini glass.

Death By Chocolate

For a sweet tooth, Death by Chocolate is a staple choice when it comes to choosing an ice cream sundae or a baked dessert. Taking it to the next level, you can actually combine your love for cocktails and ice cream. 

To try this amazing dessert cocktail, blend vodka, brewed coffee, ice cream, chocolate syrup, and ice cubes. Until you get a uniform liquid, blend in an electric mixer. Now, pour the contents into a clear glass and add some whipped cream on top. Take a sip, and you’ll know why it’s named Death by Chocolate.

Chocolate Martini

Martini is a classic and a go-to drink for a lot of people. To upgrade the traditional Martini, take a Martini glass and cover its insides with some chocolate syrup. It might seem odd, but instead of rimming the glass with salt, this time, do the same with powdered sugar. Next, take vodka, rum, chocolate coffee syrup, and ice cubes and mix aggressively. Once mixed thoroughly, transfer the contents into the rimmed Martini glass, and you’re done.

Tiramisu Martini

Tiramisu is a classic coffee and chocolate-based dessert that has now gained popularity across the globe. Similarly, Tiramisu Martini has the favours of coffee, heavy cream, chocolate and, of course, coffee liqueur. To get your hands on this unique Martini, add expresso, coffee liqueur, heavy cream, and ice cubes and shake well. Then, pour it into a sugar-rimmed martini glass and garnish with grated chocolate. And you can now dive into the richness of this chocolatey and coffee-based cocktail.

Coffee Old Fashioned

Coffee Old Fashioned is another cocktail with a twist that’s just the right drink for coffee enthusiasts. To get one yourself, in a mixer, add bourbon, coffee liqueur, and dark chocolate syrup. Add some crushed ice cubes and mix till the drink is chilled. Next, pour it into a glass filled with ice cubes and garnish with an orange peel for the citrus twist. That’s all, and you’re ready to take a sip of the rich coffee cocktail.

Chocolate Espresso On the Rocks

If you are a fan of black coffee or a shot of espresso in the morning, this cocktail will be perfect for you. Firstly, get a cup of brewed coffee and set it aside for some time till it cools down. Next, get a shaker and add vodka, chocolate liqueur, chocolate syrup, the cooled-down coffee, and crushed ice and mix aggressively. Transfer the contents into a tall glass with some ice cubes, relish the flavours, and get refreshed.