6 Types of Momo Chutney To Pair With Momos & Dumplings
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Both momos and dumplings are very famous street-side snacks in India. Initially, they were only found in some metropolitan cities. However, due to instant popularity, the snacks can now be found being sold on the street side of tier II cities and even many rural areas of India as well. The popularity of momos and dumplings can be attributed to the fact that not only are they tasty and a quick fix to hunger but also quite economical. 

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Also, one can customise these snacks as per their preferences and add whatever stuffing they would like to have. The fact that they are steamed and not deep-fried or pan-fried is also an aspect that makes them healthier than regular snacks. But momos are incomplete without a spicy dip or chutney on the side. Here are some appetising chutneys that one can have with momos.

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* Traditional Tomato Chutney 

The quintessential tomato chutney made in the traditional style is a very common sight. This chutney is specifically made from ripe types of tomatoes along with some sweet and tangy flavour derived from the use of chilli peppers, ginger, garlic, herbs, and some other basic spices. All of these ingredients are mixed properly to make a very thick and spicy chutney that goes well with some soft momos and dumplings. One can adjust the amount of chilli peppers that are added to the chutney as per their spice threshold. However, conventionally, this chutney is kept a bit spicy.

* Schezwan Chutney 

Schezwan chutney is a very famous type of sauce from China that was invented in the Schezwan region. It has a very distinctive flavour with the most evident flavours of garlic and red chilies. Some other important ingredients that are used to make this sauce include soya sauce and schezwan peppercorn. This is the perfect sauce for people who would like to have an array of flavours in their chutney. It goes perfectly well with minimally flavoured momos. The flavour of this chutney is quite dynamic on its own.

* Refreshing Mint Chutney

Classic mint chutney is already a very famous type of dip in India that is served with a lot of snacks. The best part about this chutney is that it is fresh and has a very herby taste. This goes well for people who like to have light snacks with flavours that are not too evident. As the name suggests, the main ingredient that is used to make this chutney is mint. Along with mint, people like to use some fresh coriander, leaves, tamarind, salt, and black pepper. A person may also add a little bit of yoghurt or curd to give a nice texture to the chutney.

* Fiery Green Chilli Chutney 

Fiery green chilli chutney is perfect for all the spice lovers out there who like to go beyond the limits to experiment with different tantalising flavours when it comes to their momo chutney. It is made by taking some fresh green chillies and mixing them with garlic, salt, and some lime juice. The evident punch of spice in this chutney takes the flavours to the next level. If someone wants to balance the flavour of green chillies in this chutney, then adding a bit of sugar can be a great idea.

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* Garlic Sesame Chutney

Garlic sesame chutney is a delicious and indulgent option for people. It is a chutney that is made by combining red chilli powder, garlic, sesame seeds, and a little bit of vinegar. If a person doesn't want to use vinegar, then adding some lime juice can also be a good option. This chutney has a very garlicky and nutty flavour which is what makes it very flavourful and different from all the other dips on the list. It is perfect for people who do not like to have too spicy of a dip but still want to have something flavourful.

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* Sweet and Sour Tomato Chutney 

Sweet and sour tomato chutney is a safe option when one wants to make something that everyone is going to like at home. It is made by taking some ripe tomatoes and then mixing them with green chillies, yoghurt, lemon juice and some tamarind paste. One can also add some ginger and garlic to thicken the consistency of the chutney and also to make it more flavourful. The zesty taste of this chutney goes very well with some flavourful momos.