6 Types Of Jams To Make With Monsoon Fruits At Home
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India is a land of dynamic seasons and the weather keeps changing every two to three months. Currently, the monsoon has cascaded throughout the whole country and people are delighted to witness the torrents of rain after a stressful summer. Another beautiful aspect of the monsoon is that the vegetable and fruit markets get filled with seasonal produce.

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 Different parts of the country are famous for various varieties of fruits that are grown specifically during monsoons. The best part about monsoon fruit is that it is distinctively sweet and luscious. Other than having these fruits on their own, one can also make some delicious condiments, such as jams and juices, with them. Here are some delicious jams that one can make with monsoon fruits this season. 

* Mango And Ginger Jam

Mango and ginger jam may seem like an absurd combination but this is one of those recipes where one has to trust the process. The combination of these two ingredients makes the most balanced and well-flavoured jam. One has to simply combine the flesh of the mango with some chopped ginger pieces and heat these two ingredients on medium heat. Adding a little bit of water will give the right amount of consistency. One can add some extra sugar, although the step can also be skipped because mangoes are sweet. This jam can be used as a spread for breakfast toasts. 

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* Mixed Fruit Jam

Mix fruit jam, as the name suggests, is a concoction of different monsoon fruits such as blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries. If there had to be a jam that described the essence of summer perfectly, then it would be this very jam. One has to simply combine all of these fruits and put them in a saucepan with some sugar syrup and cardamom. With medium heat, these fruits will start amalgamating into the sugar syrup and form a very nice and thick spread for breakfast toast. This jam can also be used for layering cakes and pastries.

* Lychee Jam

Lychee is exclusively available during monsoon time in India. It is a tropical fruit that is popular for its fleshy texture and sweet flavour. With its floral sweetness, lychee tastes best when it is combined with contrasting ingredients such as lime juice. The lychee and lime combination is amazingly perfect and can be easily integrated into different types of sandwiches and desserts. It is also perfect for a summer picnic and it can be eaten by spreading it on some toasted bread slices. The only thing that one has to be careful about while making lychee jam at home is to make sure that lychees are free from any kind of worms and properly inspect them before using them.

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* Plum Jam 

Plums are one of the most beloved monsoon fruits. While plums are very delightful on their own, converting them into jam can enhance the flavour of these fruits even further. A great ingredient that goes very well with the natural flavour of plums is cinnamon. A cinnamon and plum jam is not just flavourful but it feels like a warm hug on a cold, rainy evening. Cinnamon adds that nurturing touch to the jam, while plum keeps the flavours alive with citrusy and fruity undertones. Plum jam goes well with some fresh and warm croissants or as a topping for some cookies. 

* Pineapple Jam

The monsoon brings with it a very delectable variety of pineapples. Combining pineapple with some passion fruit instantly transports one to a beachside location. The natural flavour of pineapples is such that one instantly feels a burst of flavour. Combining pineapples with some passionfruit makes a tropical blend that feels like a dose of heaven. To balance the citrusy flavours of this jam, one can add some honey or sugar. One can layer this jam on top of some muffins or cake. 

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*  Guava Jam

A lot of people have fond memories of eating cut guavas with some black salt in their childhood during the rainy season. Guava jam is thick, rich, and basically goes with a lot of different dishes. Guava, when combined with cardamom, gives an excellent-flavoured jam that is not just delicious but also very aromatic. Guava naturally has citrusy and earthy notes, and combining it with cardamom makes the most exotic yet everyday-friendly jam that can be layered on bread toast or even used to make muffins, breads, and cakes.