6 Types Of Chicken Cuts For Homemade Recipes
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One of the easiest routes to making a fulfilling and soulful dinner is to make a chicken recipe. Simply marinate the chicken and preheat the oven simultaneously. After roasting the chicken in the oven, one is going to get the most divine and scrumptious dinner ready within a few minutes. The versatility of chicken and its high protein factor is what has made it so popular in different parts of the world.

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One can make grilled chicken, barbecued chicken, chicken sandwiches, chicken popcorn, chicken wings, chicken pizza, and whatnot with the help of chicken. Although chicken remains the same in all of these recipes, the way it is cut remains different. Here are some of the most important types of chicken cuts that one should know about before making chicken at home.

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* Whole Chicken

A whole chicken cut as the name suggests is made on a whole uncut chicken that is cooked and tossed all at once. The process of cooking this chicken is pretty easy as one doesn't have to follow a lot of rules. The process starts with first spicing the chicken with salt, pepper, and any other spices or ingredients that they would like to add. Then one can simply put it inside the microwave and heat it for at least one hour. People generally like to enjoy whole chicken by stuffing it with different types of vegetables and eggs.

* Thighs

Thigh refers to the upper part of the leg of the chicken that is darker in colour. This part generally contains more grease than any other part of the chicken. This is the reason why this chicken cut is generally more juicier as compared to other parts of the chicken. Also, one doesn't have to be extra careful while cooking chicken thighs as even if they are overcooked, they don't taste bad. The most pervasive use of chicken thigh is to make sausages and kebabs. When a person wants to make something from minced chicken, then it is the thigh part that is used.

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* Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is that part of the chicken that is famous for having the most amount of protein. It is generally consumed by people who want to stay lean and include high protein in their diet. Most often chicken breast is not preferred by people because it is a little dry in texture. This is the reason why a person has to be extra careful while making chicken breasts. The most common way of consuming chicken breast is to grill it or even fry it. Also one must remember that since the fat content in chicken breast is almost negligible, they are more susceptible to getting overcooked.

* Giblets

Giblets or the inside part of the chicken are often sidelined and thrown away during the budgeting process. But people must know that this cut of chicken is actually very famous for its unique texture as well as flavour. Different parts such as the heart, the liver and the kidney might have a slightly over-meaty taste. However, after having it several times, the person becomes more acquainted with the taste of giblets. Many people like to add this part of the chicken to broth or stews. Making heavy gravies can be a great idea to utilise giblets instead of throwing them away.

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* Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are one of the most popular cuts of chicken. Although they are not the most meaty or nutritious part, the fact that they're so edible makes them extra popular. The chicken wing is further divided into two sections. The drumette has white and tender meat and the other part that is flat and contains meat between two bones. Chicken wings are a very popular dish served by a lot of fast food chains and are also consumed by people along with different types of cocktails. They are crispy, well seasoned, and caramelised.

* Neck And Back

The neck and the back part of the chicken are thrown away by most people. This part also consists of the torso and rib cage. Generally, this is the residual after taking out all the important cuts from the chicken. Both the neck and the back are considered a difficult part to consume as they are more bony. Rather than discarding them, a person can simply put them in gravies and broths to make them heavier. Before consuming the dish, these parts can be simply taken out. This step will ensure that a person doesn't have to eat something so difficult to chew yet that part is utilised to the fullest potential.