6 Treats To Enjoy Winter Rainy Days To The Fullest
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Rains in winter happen once in a while. It is undoubtedly a very beautiful scenery, but the rain makes the temperature drop even more. There is a different type of chillwave and one can only stay cosy by snuggling in warm blankets and eating nourishing food. Winter rains are very different from summer rains which is why it is important to have a separate winter rain menu. 

While there is always an option of ordering from outside, there is simply nothing like a good nourishing meal made at home. There are so many special snacks that go well with the atmosphere of winter rains. These snacks are appetising and at the same time very warm. All of these can be made by simply using the already available ingredients in one’s kitchen. 

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Here are some delectable dishes,

* Vegetable Kebab

Making delicious and healthy kebabs while it's raining outside during winter is a good way to enjoy the rain and also comfort one's soul. It is very important to add a lot of seasonal vegetables to this kebab to make it nourishing and exclusive. Winter is the season for a lot of green leafy vegetables like spinach and fenugreek. Also, the peas available in the winter season are extremely sweet and crunchy. One can make a mixture of these leafy vegetables and boiled peas to make delicious kebabs at home. These kebabs can be seasoned with some spices and then fried to perfection. One can deep fry or air fry them. These kebabs can be enjoyed with homemade chutney.

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* Sweet Potato Fries

Winter is also a great time to enjoy some delicious and tender sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are a lot better than normal potatoes and have a great nutritional profile. The fries are made from sweet potato or are very good for the body other than obviously being so delicious. Sweet potatoes are very rich in vitamin A and may also help in managing digestion. These are extremely fibrous and also an amazing source of beta-carotene. One can choose to bake the sweet potato fries in the oven and cook them properly. Deep frying them is not a very good idea. These fries can be enjoyed with a homemade dip. 

* Roasted Peanuts

Crunchy and roasted peanuts are a great snack especially during the daytime. These peanut snacks are available in the market but they are full of preservatives and harmful chemicals. The roasted peanut snacks can be made easily at home by using a handful of ingredients. First, peanuts have to be roasted without using any butter in a pan. After they become slightly brown, one must take them off the flame. These peanuts now have to be mixed in a batter made of some chickpea flour, water and a handful of spices. The peanuts must be coated properly and then deep-fried or air-fried. The outer layer of chickpea flour will become extremely crunchy and give a lot of flavour to the peanut inside. The ideal way of eating the snack is to eat it fresh.

* Methi Muthia

This is a very famous snack in Rajasthan, especially Jaipur. One can find methi muthia being sold on the streets of Jaipur, very casually. The snack perfectly symbolises the essence of winter vegetables and seasonal produce. This is made by the combination of some fresh fenugreek leaves and some flour. The leaves are perfectly assorted in some savoury dumplings that are steamed. These are guilt-free snacks. That one can enjoy as much as one likes. Also, it has many beneficial nutrients.

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* Momos

No list of winter snacks is complete without some delicious and warm momos. Having some soft and warm momos during winter rain is the best way of enjoying this season and eating good food. It instantly replenishes one's soul and makes everything beautiful. A good way of enjoying momos and not feeling guilty about them is by making them at home. Instead of using all-purpose flour, opt for a healthier stuffing. Momos are generally steamed so anyway, it's not an unhealthy way of cooking. These momos can be enjoyed with the homemade spicy dip made from red chillies.

* Cutlets 

Cutlets are another winter snack that is extremely crunchy, nourishing and delicious. Mostly everyone has grown up eating some vegetable or chicken cutlets. These are very easy to make as a person has to first prepare a desirable stuffing mix with a lot of vegetables and spices. Then the stuffing has to be filled in a bread slice. The bread slice must be previously dipped in some warm water and then filled with the stuffing. After filling the stuffing, the bread slice must be packed properly. Now one can deep fry these cutlets or air fry them. A healthier way of enjoying these cutlets is obviously to air fry them. These cutlets are extremely tempting and go very well with a cup of hot tea during cold winter rains.

These are some tempting snacks that can be made at home during cold winter rains.