6 Top YouTubers Who Make Indian Cooking a Delight
Image Credit: Popular Indian Platter | Pexels

Youtube has given a platform to many for sharing their ideas, services, talents, and food with everyone. From learning about vegetables to preparing a delicious feast out of them, one can find hundreds and thousands of tutorials available today online. Youtube has become a saviour for those who are embarking on their culinary journey and those who need to adapt to healthier ways of cooking. 

Today, this article is going to share 4 such talented and amazing YouTubers who are enhancing the culinary experience for their audience. From traditional recipes passed down through generations to modern twists on classic dishes, these YouTubers bring the flavours of India to life with their engaging videos. 

1) Ranveer Brar

The jolly and one of the most famous chefs in India, Ranveer Brar, teaches his authentic Indian recipes along with cooking secrets and tips on YouTube so that everyone can learn how to cook perfectly like him. He is one of the most celebrated chefs in India, and some may have seen him on television as Masterchef India Judge. Along with running a YouTube channel, Ranveer also published his book titled “Come to My Kitchen” where he shared several food practices that he learned from sufi chefs and 5-star chefs.

2) Nisha Madhulika

The most popular mother in India, Nisha Madhulika, shares one of the easiest ways one can cook even the most difficult recipes. With hundreds of recipes available on her channel, Nisha always tries to come up with new and exciting recipe content for her subscribers to teach interesting dishes every day. Her way of explaining recipes is so effective that even teenagers nowadays are following her to make their way into the culinary world. Her zeal and enthusiasm to cook is what sets her apart from other chefs online. 

3) Kabita’s Kitchen

Kabita is a passionate home cook who enjoys teaching her audience authentic Indian recipes ranging from easy level to hard. Her talent to present even the most difficult dish as easily as possible makes her one of the top YouTubers for learning how to cook Indian food. From new mothers to college students, everyone likes to take tips from Kabita to step up their home-cooking game. Kabita always likes to present her audience with the most trending recipes of the day, and she also experiments with various simple recipes to create a brand new dish. 

4) Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

The most adored Masterchef in India has created one of the biggest online communities of food and cooking enthusiasts. His recipes are straightforward, without any gigs or ads in between, and he welcomes all of his audience with a warm smile at the beginning of every video. His influence spread across India even before social media existed. The Chef has received numerous recognitions, but the Padma Shri is the most notable. Along with sharing tricks and tips for cooking, he also shares the best appliances to be used for specific dishes for the best outcomes. 

5) Cook With Parul

Parul offers content for all age groups and curates her ideas by keeping in mind the Indian audience. The recipes are easy-to-follow and can be made as per preference. She allows room for everyone to add or subtract the ingredients to the dish and explains well what role each ingredient plays in the dish. She also offers expert advice and keeps posting innovative recipes on her website as well. 

6) Nirmla Nehra

Nirmala is famous for her skill of making even the simplest recipes an appetising delicacy. Through her channel, she offers various useful and effective tips to create magic in every dish. Her ability to turn even the most bland recipes into delightful concoctions is what makes her community of almost 6 million subscribers learn something new every day. 

Although there are several fantastic YouTubers out there teaching the best ways of cooking, these 6 stand out the most. With their unique style, passion and zeal to turn every dish into magic, these YouTubers have set a new standard of culinary content creation.