Food Series On YouTube You Must Watch If You Are A Foodie

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, a large proportion of the World’s population stayed locked inside their houses and moved to the screens to pass time. With the increase of the lockdown period, most people started spending a majority of their time glaring on the screens. From lockdown recipes like Dalgona coffee and banana bread to food reels on Instagram, the social media sites buzzed continuously despite the deadly pandemic around. With the activity of the consumers, the social media platforms also buzzed with updates, discoveries, and fresh content to match the preferences of the consumers. With the growing trend towards food, the video-sharing company and the social media platform YouTube saw a plethora of new food content every day. Are you still in lockdown? Don’t you worry because we have curated four food shows you can watch on YouTube while dealing with your culinary experiments. 

Gobble Love Vs Food

Gobble is a digital creator company that posts everything related to the culinary world. Its ‘Love Vs Food’ brought various famous content creators of India to participate in a food competition within a specific time. Catch up on the episodes of this show to see your favourite internet faces fight with each other for the sake of food. 

Source: Screengrab from Youtube


You Got Chef’d, Gobble

Watch your favourite Bollywood stars enter the culinary world with celebrity chef Ranveer Brar. Sponsored by the Dewar’s, this show is currently on its third season and is streaming on Gobble’s Youtube channel. 

So, these are some of the shows you can binge-watch on Youtube while engaging in your world of culinary experiments. Stream them while binge-eating your favourite snacks to have a delightful weekend.