6 Tomato Toast Recipes To Kickstart Your Mornings

Tomatoes are juice fruits, used as vegetables, in almost every cuisine for their tangy flavour and red hue. In India, it is often used in the preparation of gravy to increase the volume, add zingy notes, and infuse its properties. Tomatoes are not only considered good for the heart but also for the brain. They help to improve the immune system and aid indigestion. 

Among the most common recipes for tomatoes include sauce, chutney, salsa, toast, sandwiches, burgers, and more. This article brings you a variety of tomato toast recipes to help you prepare a delicious breakfast in the morning without much hassle. You can have these on the go or pair them with a glass of fresh juice or hot beverages.

Avocado And Tomato Toast

Avocado and tomato pair very well. Tomatoes help to mask the strong flavours of avocado, making them taste even more delicious. For this recipe, you will need to mash avocados and add lemon juice, salt, red chilli flakes, and black pepper. Spread this delicious mixture on a crispy toast and top it with half-cut cherry tomatoes. 

Mediterranean Tomato Toast

This toast will make your mornings and only take you a few minutes to assemble. If you have hummus, you will only need 10 minutes, or you can make the hummus at home. After spreading hummus on the toast, top it with cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, feta cheese, olive, and a drizzle of olive oil. If you like, you can also sprinkle salt and red chilli flakes on the top.

Greek Tomato Toast

If you like to start your mornings with the goodness of Greek yoghurt, you can make yourself Greek tomato toast. Keep diced or chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and olives ready. Spread yoghurt over crunchy toast and top it all with chopped vegetables. Sprinkle salt, black pepper, and red chilli flakes on the top. Bite into the toast and enjoy it with a glass of fresh juice.

Spicy Tomato And Cheese Toast

Not many people like to start their mornings with a spicy meal but if you are one of them, spicy tomato and cheese toast is the right pick for you. Toast bread slices nicely and top them with spicy tomato chutney or salsa. Add cheddar cheese on the top along with chopped olives, coriander leaves, and jalapeno. Each bit of this will be a symphony of flavours in your mouth.

Classic Tomato Bruschetta

Starting your mornings with bruschetta will not only energise you but also uplift your mood. Prepare salsa using chopped tomatoes, freshly chopped coriander leaves, minced garlic, olive oil, black pepper, salt to taste, and olives. Add a generous amount of this on the top of your toast and bite into it. You can also add shredded cheese on the top and microwave it for 1 minute. Enjoy it with a hot cup of coffee or juice. 

Caprese Tomato Toast

Caprese toast is a perfect breakfast delight if you have children at home. Many kids are moody when it comes to eating vegetables, but this recipe will instantly become their favourite. Layer each toast with sliced mozzarella, chopped tomatoes, coriander leaves, and basil. Add balsamic glaze and olive oil on the top after seasoning it with black pepper and salt.