6 Tips To Remember While Cooking With Mushrooms
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As more people become vegetarians and vegans, the quest for vegetables and fruits that are naturally rich in vitamins and nutrients is becoming more serious. One such vegetable that has gained its due credit recently is the mushroom. They are considered a great substitute for meat as they're delicious as well as extremely healthy. As per a report published in the International Journal of Microbiology, mushrooms have antibacterial properties and can help lower bad cholesterol levels in the body.

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 Also, mushrooms are a great source of bilateral compounds as well. The best part about mushrooms is their versatility. One can find different types of mushrooms, such as button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, morel mushrooms, beech mushrooms, and many other varieties, all of which have different tastes and textures. For someone who has never tried to cook mushrooms at home before, here are some common mushroom cooking tips to follow:

* Add Salt In The End

Adding salt to the mushrooms as soon as one starts cooking them is a mistake to avoid. Salt should be the last thing to be added to the mushrooms, as it can make them extremely rubbery and hard to eat. The right way to add salt is to add it after everything has been caramelised and cooked properly. Salt can also make a particular food dry, as it has lipids that draw out moisture from the food. So the right way is to just sprinkle the salt before the food is about to be served. This also helps in giving a person the right idea about the quantity of salt that has to be added to the food.

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* Cook The Mushrooms Properly

It is very important to make sure that the mushrooms are properly cooked and are given enough heat on time. Mushrooms naturally have a lot of moisture content and one is only able to extract the real flavours out of mushrooms once they're cooked properly.

Also, one has to make sure that while trying to cook mushrooms perfectly, one doesn't end up burning or overcooking them. As soon as the mushrooms start changing colour and one can smell the delicious caramelised aroma, the heat can be turned off. The cooking temperatures for all the mushrooms are different so this is one thing that should be kept in mind.

* Wash Mushrooms Properly

Many people believe that mushrooms have a lot of bacteria on their outer surface, which is why it is important to soak them in water overnight before cooking them. However, soaking mushrooms in water is not at all necessary. Certain kinds of mushrooms might start absorbing the water and become too soggy to be cooked.

Instead of soaking mushrooms in water, a simple way to clean the mushrooms properly is by washing them thoroughly with cold water. Even if one wants to soak mushrooms in water, it shouldn't be done for more than a couple of minutes. Before cooking the mushrooms, they should be cleaned properly with a towel.

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* Use Enough Oil

While cooking mushrooms, one must make sure that the amount of oil that is used for cooking mushrooms is just enough. It is not possible to cook mushrooms properly without using any oil. Before putting mushrooms in the pan, the pan must be nicely heated and the oil must not be too cold.

Oil helps in extracting the natural juices and liquids present in the mushrooms. After this juice is evaporated, one can bring out the true flavours of mushrooms by combining them with other ingredients of choice. This process will help in building up the flavour of the dish and making it more scrumptious.

* Avoid Using Too Much Heat

While cooking mushrooms at home, one must also make sure that the amount of heat that is being used to cook them is just right. Medium heat is the best option for cooking mushrooms. While cooking them, one must neither go too high nor too low. Also, the type of pan that one is using for cooking mushrooms plays a very important role. A cast-iron pan or a thick pan made from any other metal is great for cooking mushrooms, as it gives the proper amount of heat and cooks the fungi evenly. 

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* Slicing Mushrooms

While slicing mushrooms, one must make sure that they're not too thinly sliced. In some cases, such as for pizzas, thinly sliced mushrooms are okay but in general, they shouldn't be extremely thin. This is because it becomes very hard to cook thin mushrooms and mushrooms usually shrink while being cooked. So the pieces that are already too small will shrink into even smaller pieces.