6 Tips To Preserve Freshness Of The Potatoes

When green shoots or eyeballs emerge from the surface of a potato, this is referred to as potato sprouting. The potato's innate tendency to try and develop additional plants results in sprouting. Potatoes that have sprouted might acquire a bitter flavour, a softer texture, and possibly higher concentrations of toxins such as solanine, so it is crucial to stop them from sprouting. The entire safety and quality of the potato may be impacted by consuming sprouted potatoes, which may cause digestive distress and not be fit for ingestion.

Here are some effective tips for preventing potatoes from sprouting:

Video credit: YouTube/ Ask Krisz

1. Cool and Drak Place: 

Store the potatoes in a dark, cold spot. Darkness aids in preventing the growth of green shoots, while the chilly climate slows down the potato's natural sprouting process. For a longer time, this preservation technique helps preserve the potato's nutritional value, flavour, and quality. Potatoes are stored well and kept for longer periods in a cool, dark place like a pantry or cellar.

2. Ventilation: 

The trick to stopping potatoes from sprouting is proper ventilation. To keep the atmosphere dry and avoid moisture buildup, which might aid in sprouting, make sure there is adequate airflow surrounding the potatoes. Potatoes can be kept dry and well-ventilated by being stored in a breathable container like a paper bag or mesh bag that allows for air circulation. Potatoes that sprout too soon can be considerably prevented with this easy-to-use yet powerful approach.

3. Dry Environment: 

To stop potatoes from sprouting, it's important to keep them in a dry atmosphere. Potatoes should be kept cool, dark, and dry to preserve their freshness and avoid premature sprouting, as moisture encourages the growth of new sprouts. To improve airflow and prolong the shelf life of potatoes, it is recommended to steer clear of moist locations and package them in breathable containers such as paper bags or mesh bags. This will minimise the chances of sprouting.

4. Avoid Plastic Bags: 

One of the most important ways to stop potatoes from sprouting is to avoid using plastic bags. Plastic bags can retain moisture around potatoes, resulting in a wet atmosphere that encourages sprouting. Use permeable containers instead, such as wooden crates, mesh bags, or paper bags. Better ventilation in these containers helps to keep the potatoes fresher and of higher quality for longer, lowering the possibility of sprouting.

5. Separate from onions: 

To avoid sprouting, potatoes and onions must be kept apart. Ethylene gas released by onions speeds up the sprouting process in potatoes. Their sprouting and spoiling may occur more quickly if they are stored together. Store potatoes and onions in different, well-ventilated areas to avoid this. This preserves the flavour and freshness of both veggies in addition to helping to extend their shelf life. One easy, yet efficient, approach to stop potatoes from sprouting is to keep them apart.

6. Avoid Refrigeration: 

It's crucial to keep potatoes out of the refrigerator to stop them from sprouting. Potato starches can be changed into sugars at cold temperatures, giving them a sweeter flavour and encouraging sprouting. Potatoes can be kept fresher longer by being stored at room temperature in a cool, dark, and well-ventilated area. This also helps to delay the sprouting process. Furthermore, separating potatoes from onions and other foods that release ethylene helps stop the potatoes from sprouting and maintain their quality.