6 Tips To Master Summer Food Shopping Like A Pro
Image Credit: Unsplash

People try to spend as little time outside of their homes as possible in the summer. You either stock your kitchen with enough groceries or turn to internet shopping in such circumstances. While staple foods like rice, dal, wheat, salt, and sugar are necessary all year long, so here are several essentials that are best enjoyed in the summer. 

Not only that, but the stands, loaded with fruits and veggies, might appear misleading during the summer season, too. Nothing can be further from the truth than your belief that everything in the load is fresh and new. Summertime brings with it the rising temperatures that cause fruits and vegetables to become mushy. To buy juicy food, it is therefore essential to understand how to recognise fresh food, so here are some essential shopping tips for the summer season.

Check The Texture

A crucial tip is to keep an eye out for indications of freshness. To determine whether something is tight, attempt to gently push it, regardless of what yields your selection. Examine the firmness of the skin of fruits and vegetables. The produce's skin becomes loose and impacted as it begins to deteriorate. Anything with textures that are shrivelled or wrinkled should not be purchased. It indicates that the product won't keep well in your refrigerator for a long time.

Inspect Freshness

Make sure the fruits and veggies you purchase are ripe but not overripe. They must keep their strong texture, bright colour, and scent. You should not purchase an item if it has bruises on it. A tomato is ripe if, for instance, its skin has a faint green or orange tint. On the other hand, a tomato is overripe if it is fully red and somewhat mushy. The second one will only last a few days and may even destroy the fresh ones.

Load Up On Dahi

In the summer, dahi is a requirement. Take it as it is, blend it into refreshing beverages to fight the summer heat, or use it to create kadhi. It is not only very adaptable but also quite nutritious. Probiotics, fibre, and a number of vital vitamins and minerals are all abundant in dahi, which has many positive effects.

Prioritise Glucose Powder

Excessive perspiration throughout the summer negatively impacts your general health. Here's when glucose becomes useful. It serves as a quick energy boost to get through the day.

Check The Weight

If you are a novice when it comes to buying fruits and veggies, you need to bring an adult along. They can determine whether the product is juicy and fresh by looking at the weight. To become an expert at food shopping, you may also ask the vendor for some advice. Feel the weight of the watermelon you are buying. It's probably juicy if it feels hefty. Asking the vendor to cut a tiny piece for you to sample is another option.

Go For Seasonal Produce

It is not a good idea to purchase food out of season because it has been stored in cold conditions for most of its life. Because of the low temperatures in the winter, you may still take a chance, but it's advisable to stay away from risky purchases in the summer. Additionally, seasonal produce is far fresher and less expensive than off-season fruits and vegetables.