6 Tips To Make The Most Delicious Chawal Ka Cheela
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Chawal ka cheela is an appetising and  crunchy pancake that is made from rice flour. At one glance, it may even look like Rava Dosa. It is a very popular dish, especially in the Southern part of India and is made by mixing different types of spices like salt, red, chilli, pepper, cumin powder, and some garam masala. 

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Chawal ka cheela is a great breakfast idea for people who are bored of eating their regular besan ka cheela or oats ka cheela. It's a rather healthy form of breakfast that also comes with a handful of nutrients. By incorporating vegetables like carrots, bell, peppers, onions and tomatoes, one can also ensure that there is a lot of fibre in the cheela as well. The best part about this cheela is that one may cook it with minimal oil.

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Recipe for Chawal Ka Cheela

Chawal ka cheela can be prepared at home by using a handful of ingredients. Here is what one needs to prepare chawal ka cheela at home.

* Rice flour

* Green chillies

* Cilantro

* Cumin seeds

* Turmeric

* Salt

* Vegetables of choice like onions, bell peppers, carrots, and tomatoes.

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To make this cheela one has to simply add rice flour with some water and make a smooth mixture out of it. The mixture should have a similar consistency to that of a pancake batter. This batter should be allowed to rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes and one must ensure that there are no clumps in the batter. One may use a nonstick pan or a flat pan and heat it on medium heat for some time. Just lightly grease the pan with some oil. Now once the pan becomes hot, the heat can be reduced to low and the batter can be poured on the top of the pan. The batter must be spread evenly. One may spread all the preferred vegetables on the top and flip it around once one side of the cheela is cooked properly. After it becomes crispy on both sides, one may serve it with green chutney.

Some Tips To Make Chawal Ka Cheela At Home

Here are some tips for making a deliciouschawal ka cheela at home. 

* Soaking The Rice

One of the most important steps in the pre-preparation of chawal ka cheela is soaking the rice overnight to make rice flour. The rice must be first soaked and only then grinded to make flour. One will see that making cheela made from soaked rice will come out to be a lot smoother and won't even break. 

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* Add lukewarm water 

One must avoid adding cold water to the rice flour to make a batter for the cheela. In fact, this step becomes necessary for people who haven't used overnight-soaked rice for making rice flour. This step will also help in reducing the chances of cheela breakage.

* Heat the Pan Properly 

It is important to heat the pan properly on medium flame before putting the batter on it. If the batter is poured on a cold pan then the cheela will never be able to get cooked properly. Additionally, it will also break when one tries to flip it. So maintaining the accurate temperature becomes indispensable while making cheela.

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* Use Non-Stick Pan

Although this is not a necessary step, the quality of chawal ka cheela is always going to be better if one decides to choose a nonstick pan. A non-stick pan helps ensure that no part of the cheela gets stuck to the  pan and the cheela comes out completely and well cooked.

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* Use Appropriate Quantity Of Oil

While it is always suggested to not use a lot of oil while cooking food, some level of oil is required so that the food gets cooked properly. Chawal ka cheela needs to be cooked in a few drops of oil that have to be greased on the pan before pouring the batter. Cheela always turns out a lot smoother in texture, when some oil is added. Otherwise, the batter starts sticking to the pan even if it's nonstick. One can simply add a few drops of some vegetable oil of their choice.

* Keep the Pan on Medium to Low Heat

While cooking chawal ka cheela, one must keep their pan on medium to low heat. The heat must not be too low because the pan must be hot enough for the cheela to get cooked properly. Also, a very high temperature of the pan might burn the cheela. So medium to low heat is always accurate.