6 Tips To Make Korean-Style Cheese And Corn Dogs
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Korean-style cheese and corn hot dogs are also called the ganja hot dogs. These are native to South Korea and are also popular in a lot of South Asian countries. These are crunchy, chewy, and extremely flavourful emulsifications of different flavours and textures. On the inside, they are filled with either sweet potatoes or French fries as per the choice of a person. 

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The popularity of this snack can be credited to the viral Instagram reels that acquainted the world with this divine snack. Since then people haven't been able to resist trying these cheese corn dogs. An interesting aspect about these hot dogs is that they are quite easy to make at home despite their complex structure and combination of flavours. 

Here are some tips that one should remember while making Korean-style cheese and corn hotdogs at home.

* Quality Of Ingredients

The quality of ingredients that are used to make the cheese and corn hotdogs is extremely important in determining the final taste of the snack. One should always opt for fresh cheese, breadcrumbs, sausages, and whatever other ingredients they would like to add. Mozzarella cheese is an integral part of the whole snack so the cheese needs to be fresh and of high quality. The cheese should be able to melt very beautifully and mix with other ingredients so that it's crunchy and decadent in flavour. 

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* Preparation 

Pre-preparation is very important for making cheese and corn hotdogs at home. The batter for the cheese hotdogs should be prepared for at least 2 to 3 hours before one has to make the snacks at home. It is also important that the batter should be at room temperature and shouldn't be kept in the refrigerator. Also before using mozzarella sticks, one should ensure that they do not have any excess moisture as it will help the cheese fry more beautifully during the process of deep frying.

* Batter Consistency

To make delicious cheese and corn hotdogs, it is extremely pivotal to ensure that the batter has the right kind of consistency. If the batter doesn't have the right consistency then it doesn't matter what quality ingredients one is using and whether the temperature of the oil is right or not. While following the recipe, one should always use the exact proportion of cornmeal, cheese, and all-purpose flour as is stated in the recipe. The consistency of the batter should be airy and light. At the same time, it shouldn't be too runny.

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* Double Dip Technique 

The double dip technique is used frequently in deep frying different types of dishes. It helps in imparting an extra crispy coat on cheese and corn hotdogs that will make the hot dog extremely crispy and flavourful. All that one has to do is take their cheese and corn hotdog and dip it in the batter. Now keep it aside in a container for some time before dipping it once again. The rest period between the two dips is important for the batter to settle on the surface of the hotdog. The additional layer will not only just help in making the hot dog crispier, but will also help in securing the internals of the hotdog more compactly. Now, once the hotdog is settled properly, the person may deep-fry it.

* Frying

Frying is an art that not many people can master even after spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Tackling the temperature in the heat of the oil is a different ball game altogether and one has to understand the science behind it to fry different types of food perfectly. To deep fry corn and cheese hotdogs properly, a person has to first heat their oil at 175°C and after this bring the heat to medium flame. During this process, a person has to be extremely attentive towards monitoring the temperature of the oil perpetually. If the oil is too hot, then it will instantly burn the outer layer of a hotdog, leaving the internal layer raw. 

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* Presentation 

The presentation of a particular snack also plays a very important role in determining its final taste. The piping hot cheese and corn hot dogs have to be served with some tangy ketchup, mustard sauce, tandoori mayo, and any other dip that one would like. Without any kind of sauce, a person may feel that the cheese and corn hotdogs are too bland for their taste.