6 Tips To Buy Coconuts With Most Amount Of Water
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Coconut was earlier simply stereotyped as being associated with the Southern part of India. However, in recent years, people have understood the nutritional potential of coconuts and how drinking coconut water can positively impact their health.

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 As per the study published in the Journal of Intercultural Ethnopharmacology in 2016, coconut water is a great source of antioxidants, and micronutrients and also has anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Summer is the perfect time to sip on as much coconut water as one can. However, before buying coconut water from the market, there are some important factors that one should keep in mind so that they bring the best quality of coconuts with the most amount of water.

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* Shape

The shape of the coconut gives a hint of how much water it has. The rounder coconuts mostly have more amount of water as compared to any other shape of the coconut. The coconuts that have an elongated shape generally are old and are likely to not have enough water. The coconuts that are cylindrical also indicate that they have a considerable amount of water. Avoid going for coconuts that are in an absurd shape.

* Shaking

One can always have a good idea about the quantity of water in a coconut by simply shaking it. Just grab the coconut and try to shake it as much as possible. Doing this, one will get the feel of the amount of water that the coconut has from the inside. Also, this step will help a person ensure whether the coconut is fresh or not. Sometimes the coconut is simply tender which gives the illusion that the coconut has a lot of water. If the sound of the water flowing is quite evident it simply means that the coconut is fresh and also has a considerable water quantity. A properly ripe coconut will always give a nice sound of shaking water from the inside whereas the tender coconut will be simply empty from the inside. 

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* Weight 

The weight of the coconut is also a very important factor that one needs to consider while buying a coconut. Mostly, it is the ripe coconuts that are extremely heavy as they will have quite a good amount of water. Coconuts that are too light to handle will generally have very little or minimum amount of water. However, weight is not the only important factor that one has to consider while buying a coconut as sometimes the weight of the shell of the coconut is also very high. Shaking the coconut simultaneously while assessing the weight of the coconut is also important.

* Colour Of The Coconut 

Generally, the coconuts that have a husky and fresh green colour have a lot of coconut water inside. It also indicates that the coconut water is generally sweeter in the taste and also there is a lot of coconut flesh. On the other hand, if the outside of the coconut is very stained and looks quite dull or brown it simply translates that the coconut is very old and might also not have any considerable amount of coconut water. One should always take care of such spots and even scratches. The colour of the coconut shell is always an important determinant in understanding whether the coconut water is fresh or not.

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* Coconut Eyes

Looking closely at the surface of the coconut, one will realise that the coconut has three eyes. Mostly these three eyes of the coconut are not equal. Generally, one eye is a bit softer as compared to the other eye. If the surface of the coconut shell around the eyes has moulds or stains then it means that the coconut has slowly started to decay. Most likely the coconut water will have a foul smell and will not be fit for consumption.

* Odour

The odour of a coconut that is fresh and fit for consumption is always going to be refreshing. On the other hand, a coconut that is multiple weeks old will always have a stale odour. One should always make sure that before buying a coconut, the odour of the coconut should be checked properly. If the odour is not satisfactory, then the person should go for any other coconut