6 Tips & Tricks To Use A Pressure Cooker Safely
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Pressure cookers are designed to cook food fast, especially the kind of dishes that generally take a very long time to prepare. These are quite economical and time-saving for people which is why they are quite popular in India. Another significant reason why pressure cookers are so popular in India is the fact that they help retain a lot of nutrients during the process of cooking. 

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In India, pressure cookers have been used for a very long time to prepare different types of dishes. People in India have cracked the code of even baking with the help of a pressure cooker. However, not knowing how to use a pressure cooker properly can lead to a lot of problems. This is the reason why a person should always buy a high-quality pressure cooker and learn all the important rules related to using it. 

Here are some basic things that one needs to know about a pressure cooker to ensure safety in the kitchen.

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* Add Liquid

The very science behind a pressure cooker is that it cooks with the help of steam. In the absence of any kind of liquid, there will be no formation of steam. Hence, it is very important to add sufficient amounts of liquid to ensure that the steam generation is enough. The amount of liquid that is added to a particular dish is generally specified in the recipe. In any case, if a person is confused, then it is always better to add some extra liquid rather than not adding enough. Otherwise, there is not just a danger of the food getting burnt, but the pressure cooker might also burn from the inside. 

* Don't Fill The Pressure Cooker Too Much

Another important fact that one must remember while using a pressure cooker is to not overfill the pressure cooker. At maximum, a person should only stretch to fill ⅔ quantity of a pressure cooker. Anything beyond this will stop the pressure from getting released from the pressure cooker. As a result, the pressure cooker might end up blasting which can be a lethal situation. Hence, a person should be very careful about the amount of liquid or food items that they're putting inside the pressure cooker.

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* Cleaning Pressure Cooker

Cleaning the pressure cooker is also a very important factor that ensures that one is using the pressure cooker correctly at home. A lot of time food gets stuck in different walls of a pressure cooker that stops the release of air from the pressure cooker. This can lead to the food remaining uncooked for a very long time and disturb the very purpose of a pressure cooker. Hence, a person should clean the pressure cooker of all sizes and make sure that no food particles are stuck in any part.

* Heating 

Initially, the pressure cooker should be heated on full heat to give the right start to the cooking process. Towards the middle of the process, the flame should be kept in the middle. However, heating settings also depend on the type of food that a person is cooking. If a particular dish takes longer to be cooked then it can be kept on full flame for a long time. However, if a particular dish takes less time to be cooked then it is always better to keep it on medium heat. Generally, all these instructions are available in the guide that is given with the pressure cooker upon buying it from the market.

* Pressure Releasing

Generally, a pressure cooker has multiple ways to release the pressure. First is to keep it off the heat and allow it to release the pressure on its own. The second is to release the pressure with the help of a whistle that is on the top of the pressure cooker that releases hot steam. The third option is to keep the pressure cooker under cold water for some time as it helps in releasing the pressure instantly. Now a person may choose any of these options depending upon which of them they find comfortable.

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* Don't Store Food In Pressure Cooker

Another important tip that a person should always follow while using a pressure cooker at home is to instantly transfer food from it into another utensil once it has been cooked properly. Generally, the material of a pressure cooker is such that it is never designed for storing food. If the food is kept inside the pressure cooker for a very long time, it may lead to the erosion of the material. Also, the lid of a pressure cooker should not be washed from the regular dishwasher. The lid can be simply washed with some cold water and with natural cleaners like lemon juice or vinegar.