6 Summer Drinks From Different Coasts of India
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Looking at the map of India, one will be able to understand that India is surrounded by water from three sides, which is what makes it a peninsula. Having proximity to the sea route made India and the people living in the country more susceptible to sea trade and being introduced to different types of spices and culinary traditions through the sea route. 

This led to the development of different types of culinary practices in India on the coastline. Travelling from the Kachchh coastline to the Konkan coast to the Malabar coast, one will understand that the cooking culture among these areas is so different on the surface yet so united intrinsically. As summer is here, all Indian people should take full advantage of the cultural and culinary diversity of the country and make some of the most delicious tropical drinks from different costs of India.

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* Neer Mor

Neer mor is a revitalising drink that is prevalent in the Southern part of India, specifically Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is a drink that is made from buttermilk and has flavours of different types of spices like curry leaves, salt, green chillies, and ginger. The freshness of buttermilk complements the robust flavours of ginger and green chilli well. Curry leaves help in adding a sense of freshness and zestiness to the drink. While travelling to famous South Indian cities like Chennai, one will see this drink being sold on the roadside in small earthen pots very frequently.

* Piyush

Piyush is another buttermilk-based creamy and rejuvenating beverage that is made in Maharashtra along the Konkan coastline. It is also pretty famous in Gujarat and is made by combining different elements like shrikhand, which is a yoghurt-based thick dessert with buttermilk and some cardamom and nutmeg. The nutmeg is used to add a lot of aroma and woody flavour inside the drink. Yoghurt and buttermilk are good for the stomach during summer and help quench thirst instantly. The sweetness of the shrikhand goes well with cardamom, and the whole drink is an experience to cherish. 

* Nungu Sarbath

Nungu sarbath is a popular streetside drink in different South Indian states, specifically Tamil Nadu. This delicious drink is made from the fruit of a plant called Palmyra palm tree. The fruit is also known as Ice Apple. The pulp of this fruit is taken out and mixed with some coconut water, sugar, and lemon juice. Looking at the ingredients, one can easily figure out that the flavour of this drink is extremely refreshing and hydrating in nature. This can be termed as a coconut water mocktail and is very popular in many South Indian states during hot summer days.

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* Solkadi

Solkadi is a very dynamic and versatile drink that is popular in the Malvani part of Maharashtra. It has a baby pink colour and is made from coconut milk, green chillies, garlic, kokum, and some other ingredients, depending on where it is prepared. This is a very refreshing, tangy, and spicy drink that is often consumed on its own and also poured on some steamed rice. The drink is often appreciated for its digestive benefits and great cooling properties. If one is eating an extremely spicy meal, then it is always great to have some sol kadi on the side. 

* Panakam

Panakam is a delicious traditional drink from Tamil Nadu, which is made from jaggery, ginger, water and some cardamom. This is a drink that is often served in temples on different occasions as well. Being made from healthy ingredients and water, it is very light and extremely hydrating. It can be considered a healthier version of water as it has a similar consistency, but because of the synthesis of different ingredients, its nutritional proportion is pretty high. It is really good for the gut, and a person can keep drinking it over and over during hot summer days.

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* Daab Sharbat 

Daab sharbat is a coconut mocktail from West Bengal that is made by using a tender coconut, some lime juice, coconut water, sugar, and a little bit of salt. This is a drink that is served extremely chilled and has the right amount of sweetness and saltiness. It is simply made by scooping the meat out of the coconut and chopping it into small pieces. The water present in the coconut is food inside a glass. In this water, one has to add some sugar, salt, lime juice and the chopped coconut shreds. One can add a lot of ice cubes, and then the drink is served chilled.