6 Summer Barbeque Recipes You Won't Stop Making All Season
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Who doesn't like the feeling of a nice summer evening and barbecuing some great food while listening to good music? This is probably one of the greatest experiences, and the best part is that it is also not extremely expensive, just like having dinner at some high-end restaurant. One can instantly invite tens of friends and family members and cook whatever is kept at home on the barbeque.

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 The result is always a nicely caramelised and smoky-flavoured food that most people enjoy with different types of sauces. However, the kind of barbeque dishes that one can make in winter is not opportune for summer. Well, there is no rule book as such, but it is always better to cook food while keeping in mind the season and temperature to enjoy it to the fullest. Here are some delicious summer barbeque recipes that one can try this season to have the most wonderful time.

* Spicy Grilled Chicken With Zucchini Salad

Making some spicy grilled chicken at the barbeque is one of the safest recipes, as there is probably no one who doesn't like eating it. The simple dish is made by marinating chicken in a mixture of yogurt and basic spices, like salt, pepper, red chilli, and some lemon juice. The marinated chicken pieces are grilled on the barbeque until they become brown and crispy from the outside. On the side, one can prepare a delicious zucchini salad with extra vitamins and minerals. The zucchini salad is simply made by cutting the zucchini into a thin and long spaghetti-like shape. It is then seasoned with different types of spices like red chilli powder, lime juice, and some black pepper and then served with chicken.

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* Garlic Parmesan Wings

Most people will agree that a little bit of garlic can instantly salvage a dish. On top of that, if one decides to add some parmesan cheese, then it is an instant hit. Garlic parmesan wings are made by immersing chicken wings in a marinade of yoghurt, melted parmesan cheese, herbs like oregano, chilli flakes, garlic paste and some salt and red chilli powder. These wings are properly marinated for at least an hour before being grilled until they become crispy and flaky. The garlic wings are properly decorated with some fresh coriander leaves on the top. 

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* Grilled Vegetables

There is never a limit when it comes to eating vegetables during summer because the more you eat, the less it is. However, grilling vegetables on a barbeque is not child's play and requires good skills. First of all, it is very important to choose some fresh vegetables so that they are juicy and crunchy. One may take vegetables like onions, cabbages, mushrooms, tomatoes, cilantro, and similar vegetables. Now, these vegetables have to be properly seasoned with barbeque sauce, salt, and black pepper before being barbecued. One must make sure that the temperature is not too high as vegetables get cooked a lot faster as compared to meat. As soon as the outer layer of the vegetable starts melting off, one has to flip it to the other side and let it cook until both sides are equally cooked.

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* Fruit And Ham Skewers 

A barbecue party is certainly incomplete without some delicious fruit skewers. To make the skewers more exciting and complete, one can also add some seasoned ham pieces in between the fruits. The best types of fruits for barbecuing are the ones that do not melt off very easily. This includes pineapple or raw melon. One has to carefully assort pieces of pineapples, melon, and ham in between skewers and properly season them with some honey and lime juice. Now, the skewers have to be grilled on a barbeque properly until they become brown and properly cooked. 

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* Grilled Corn

Another simple and timeless barbeque dish is some grilled corn. This is a hassle-free barbeque recipe that doesn't require much effort, and anyone can make it. But the lack of effort required to cook This dish doesn't have to be misinterpreted as it is extremely tempting and delicious. It can easily be one of the first things you should start a barbeque party with. A person has to first properly smother the corn with a lot of butter and lemon juice. Then it has to be grilled properly on the barbeque and sprinkled with some salt and oregano.

* Eggplant And Mozzarella Melts

A lot of people undermine the potential of using different types of vegetables to make a delicious barbeque. However, there are plenty of vegetables that can be played around with to make extraordinary barbeque dishes. One such dish is the eggplant and mozzarella melts. This is a mouth-melting dish that is made by cutting eggplants into thin and circular pieces. These eggplant pieces are marinated with yoghurt, spices, and some herbs like oregano and chilli flakes. Now, the eggplants have to be put on top of the barbeque. On the top of each eggplant slice, one has to carefully put a cheese slice that can slowly melt and amalgamate with the eggplant. This can be eaten on its own or used to make a sandwich as well