6 Street Foods You Can't Miss In Bhopal’s Chatori Gali
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Bhopal is heaven for people who like Street food. There are a plethora of options for both vegetarians and nonvegetarians. One of the most famous places in Bhopal to relish Street food is Chatori Gali. As the name suggests it is the perfect place for anyone who wants to eat chatpata food of all kinds. The most special feature of this place is that it comes alive after the sun sets. The Gali is filled with a mixed aroma of korma, chaat, kababs and so many other things. If you happen to be in Bhopal anytime soon then here are the top street food items you must not miss.

1. Gosht Korma

Gosht korma served at the Gazala Hotel in Chatori Gali is one of the finest Kormas that you will ever get to eat. It is served with Kulcha bread on the side that you can eat with the Korma. The Kultcha is a little sweet and cooked slightly on the pan with butter. Gosht korma consists of a thick gravy with lamb cooked in it. It is very heavy on spices and has a lot of onions. It is topped with some coriander leaves that add freshness to the whole korma.

2. Kabab Pao

Kabab Pao is another famous delicacy from the streets of Bhopal that you will find in Chatori Gali. It is like a non-vegetarian version of Vada Pav, where you get a Kabab Patty in a bun. The bun is tossed in a lot of butter and the patty is juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. It is served with a lot of onions and Green Chutney. If you want to taste the street food of Bhopal, then you can't go without tasting the authentic Kabab Pao.

3. Paya Soup

This is a very old-school Bhopali recipe that has been transferred from generation to generation. The famous Paya Soup is a very popular delicacy that has been inspired by Mughalai cuisine. This is a soup that is made from the leg of Mutton. Not only is it tasty but it is also very beneficial for health. Bhopal is very famous for its rich flavours and like other dishes, the Paya Soup is also made from a lot of spices. The best time to have this soup is the winter season because the warm and nourishing soup pleases your mind and soul.

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4. Falooda 

Falooda is a very famous Indian drink that is made all across the country. It is mixed with delicious ingredients like thick milk, dry fruits and some flavourful syrups. Some people also add cold noodles made from rice in it. The Falooda sold in the Chatori Gali is worth trying out. It gives you instant relief from the scorching heat of summer and it's extremely delicious. One of the most famous places in Chatori Gali to have Falooda is Haji Lassiwala. The place has been serving Falooda and Lassi for quite a while now and is very famous among visitors.

5. Bhopali Tea

India is a country that is filled with people who love drinking tea, irrespective of what season it is. The special Bhoopali tea consists of an ingredient which might sound controversial in the beginning but enhances the taste of the tea more than you would imagine. This hero ingredient is salt. The tea in Bhopal is made by adding salt along with other conventional ingredients like milk, tea, sugar, water, cardamom etc. The people of Bhopal love having tea at any point of the day so you can try various places in Chatori Gali that will serve you the most authentic Bhoopali Tea. 

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6. Bhopali Paan

Just like Banarasi Paan, Paan from Bhopal will blow your mind with its tantalising flavours. The paan is rich in flavours and has all the authentic ingredients that were used back in the days of the Mughal Period. The paan here is made by using gulkand, sweetgum syrup, cardamom, dry fruits, and a lot of other ingredients in abundance. It is also garnished with soft and coconut powder. Having a paan in Chatori Gali is the best way to conclude your food trip. Jayka Paan Bhandar is a famous place to eat paan in Bhopal

Chatori Gali is the perfect place for anyone who likes being surrounded by food all the time. Although you will get a lot of street food options, these are some of the best street food items that you must not miss out on when in Chatori Gali.