6 Splendid Summer Pies To Bake Or Chill This Summer
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Pies are just the perfect summer dessert because they're crunchy and topped with something creamy and fresh. The convergence of different textures and flavours is what makes a pie different and more special from any other kind of dessert. Another significant aspect of baking pies at home is that one can always use different types of ingredients to perfect this dessert. 

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There is no restriction or rule book that one has to follow while making pies at home. If you're planning to make some old-fashioned, summer-friendly, and full-of-goodness pies at home, then here are some recipes that you must try this season.

* Peach And Cream Pie

A peach and cream pie is made by carefully assorting layers of juicy and beautifully cut slices of peaches on top of each other on a base made from ground biscuits. The filling is made of cream cheese and some whipped cream. This beautiful pie is then baked until the peaches caramelise perfectly and blend into the biscuit base and the cream cheese filling. The result is satisfying and very fruity.

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* Strawberry Pie

A fresh strawberry pie is something that you can never get enough of. Also, the best part about making this pie at home is not just its taste, but also the fact that it can be made by simply using four ingredients. One needs some fresh strawberries, cornstarch, sugar, and strawberry jello to make this fresh pie at home. This flavourful and fresh strawberry pie can be served with a spoonful of fresh cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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* Peanut Butter Pie

Peanut butter pie is a safe and old-fashioned pie recipe that never goes out of style. New recipes may come and go, but this is something that everyone likes, no matter what their age group and preferences are. It is made by making delicious layers of creamy custard, vanilla with some crumbly peanut butter topping that is made by mixing peanut butter with crushed nuts. A layer of some light meringue is also added. The recipe is not complicated and the pie is worth every single second that it is going to take to be baked. 

* Cherry Cream Cheese Pie

Fruits like cherries, strawberries, and fresh kiwi are the very heart and soul of summer. One must make the most of these fruits by using them to bake some scrumptious desserts. Some special cherry cream cheese pie is made by using ingredients like cream cheese, condensed milk, vanilla extract, and lemon juice. One may also modify the ingredients as per their preference and availability. Serve this pie with some vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

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* Lemon Cheese Pie

A lemon cheese pie is perfect for people who appreciate simple desserts that are not an amalgamation of complex ingredients. To make this pie at home, you only need butter, lemon, sugar and some eggs. The pie has regal and zesty flavours of lemon juice. One can simply buy a pie crust from the market and prepare some lemon icing with the help of whipped cream and lemon slices after filling the pie stuffing. This has to be kept in the microwave until the pie cooks completely and turns golden brown. 

* Blueberry Pie

Blueberry pie is a little sour and sweet pie that has a crunchy and well-baked exterior and an extremely mouth-melting interior. The small circles that are cut out of the rye crust of the pie allow the moisture to pass and evaporate from the fruit. This helps in bringing out the right amount of flavour in the pie. Just like many other pies on the list, this pie is made by simply using ingredients like eggs, flour, blueberries, honey, brown, sugar, and some baking soda. Using fresh blueberries is the key to making a delicious blueberry pie.

* Banana Pie

Banana pie is made by using caramelised bananas with some vanilla custard. This is a salted, caramelised, and subtly sweet pie that has a similar taste to shortbread. One doesn't need to use any extra source of sweetness, as bananas are naturally sweet and impart that sweetness into the pie. The crusty pie with mashed bananas that are caramelised because of the heat in the oven makes the pie taste opulent.