6 Spicy Monsoon Dishes Made With Green Chillies
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After already striking many parts of the East, South and West of India, the monsoon has finally arrived in the northern part of India after a much-awaited series of summers. Monsoon means that the days are not cloudy and not as hot as they used to be in summer.

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 One also gets to see beautiful rain from time to time. When the weather outside is so beautiful, it is only fair to cook and eat lots of delicious dishes. Hence people around the country start making some appetising dishes to welcome the monsoon and enjoy it to the fullest potential. One of the most popular ingredients that people like to use during monsoon for making different types of dishes are green chilies. Here are some of the most delectable dishes made from green chillies during the monsoon in India.

* Mirchi Vada 

Mirchi vada is a flavourful vada made with mashed potatoes and lots of green chillies that are quite popular in Rajasthan. It is generally consumed with evening tea and is like a bomb of flavours. The stuffing is prepared by mixing green chillies with mashed potatoes to make a very spicy filling. One also adds a lot of gram, flour, batter, Indian spices and a little bit of vegetable oil. All of these are fried in some smouldering oil until they become perfectly crispy and well-cooked from the inside. These mirchi vadas are then served with some green mint chutney on the side. 

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* Bhutte Ka Kees

Bhutte ka kees is a famous recipe from Madhya Pradesh that is made from corn kernels that are stir-fried with lots of green chillies, a little bit of cream and some mustard seeds. It is a concoction of different flavours and textures and is served after garnishing some fresh coriander leaves on the top. Before serving this snack, one can also squeeze a fresh lemon on the top. It is a simple recipe that gets prepared within a few minutes.

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* Stuffed Mirchi And Green Chutney

Mirchi pakora is a very famous recipe in many northern parts of India, especially Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. It is made by taking huge green chillies and splitting them in the middle. Then inside these green chillies, a person adds a mixture of gram flour batter, spices, and some mustard seeds. This is filled properly inside the green chillies, which are then deep-fried in some hot oil. If one doesn't want to deep fry these chillies, then these can also be pan-fried. These chillies are served with some fresh green chutney.

* Pahadi Kebabs

Pahadi kebabs are a very famous delicacy in the northern part of India, especially the Himalayas. These are mouth-melting kebabs from the hills of India that are specifically made during the monsoon time. To make these kebabs, some fresh pieces of meat or vegetables are perfectly marinated in green chillies, spices, and yoghurt. After perfectly marinating them, these are then grilled until they become perfectly cooked. People like to enjoy it with some green chutney for the perfect pairing.

* Green Chilli Fry

This is an internet-famous recipe that a lot of people love to have in India. It is perfect for people who keep looking for spicy dishes to challenge their taste buds. However, one should only try it if they have a high spice threshold as it might be too spicy for a lot of people. To make this dish, one has to take green chillies and then mix them with fennel seeds, coriander powder, turmeric powder, mango powder, hing, and some salt in a little bit of vegetable oil. All of these have to be assorted properly and then the assembled mixture can be served as a side dish.

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* Mirchi Pakodas

Mirchi pakodas are very famous in different parts of India. These are made by choosing some very juicy and big green chillies that are dipped in a battle of gram flour and some spices. One can simply prepare the batter of gram flour by mixing the flour with water, salt, red chilli powder, and a little bit of cumin seed powder. All of these ingredients have to be mixed properly and green chilli has to be dipped in the batter before being deep-fried. After covering the green chilli from all ends with the batter, it has to be put inside hot oil and fried until the outer crust becomes properly crispy. The snack can be eaten on its own or with flatbreads as well.