6 Spices To Boost Immunity During Monsoon Season

With the onset of monsoon, we finally got relief from the extremely hot days. Monsoons are special due to so many reasons. It’s best to go for long drives, it’s best to have garam chai with some crispy pakodas. But one thing for all of us about this season is that it brings a lot of diseases and infections. Because of the sudden weather change, our immunity system gets vulnerable, and we get in contact with seasonal infections and diseases like cold, cough etc. 

So, how to protect our immunity system? Well, give some common kitchen spices a try. The spices that we use in everyday cooking are much more than just their flavour and aroma. You may not know but every single spice is packed with some or another benefit. Let us take you through 6 commonly used spices that can boost the immunity system and can keep such infections and illness at bay. Here you go! 


Also known as turmeric, haldi is well known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Not just does it lend a vibrant colour to the dish it is put in, it also adds up the nutritional value. Because of curcumin, a bio active compound, turmeric can boost immunity and can battle seasonal infections as well as diseases. Infections. 


Who doesn’t love the special tulsi wali chai? This commonly grown plant in Indian households is known for its medicinal value. These small leaves are a powerhouse of essential minerals and nutrients which makes it a perfect immunity booster and an efficient remedy for respiratory issues. The best way to have tulsi is raw or in the form of tea. What say? 


Known for its vibrant fragrance, hing or asafetida can also help in boosting immunity. This aromatic kitchen spice is a boon for digestion and could efficiently protect you against rainy season ailments. You can have hing in every single dish you make at home. 


Also known as cumin, jeera is one such spice we use the first in almost every other Indian dish. It lends an earthy flavour and texture. Did you know that jeera can be beneficial for health too? Jeera is a good source of antioxidants and other properties which smoothens digestive process and also boosts immunity. Jeera is a must-have, especially during the monsoon.  


Not just is it a boon for bad throat, this spice can be a great immunity booster too. If some studies are to be believed, dalchini has polyphenols and such compounds that help in repairing body tissue and battle infections. Thus, dalchini is spice that you should not ignore especially during monsoon. 


Also known as ‘Queen of spices’, elaichi or cardamom can boost immunity system too. It has anti-inflammatory properties which can prevent cell damage and several chronic diseases. One can have elaichi in teas, desserts as well as main course dishes. 

So, take a note of this and keep yourself safe and protected!