6 Slow Sipping Gin Cocktails To Shake Up For Leisurely Evenings
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The mellow, botanical notes of gin has been well-known to play along with other ingredients, when combined in a cocktail. Whether one prefers enjoying it on the rocks with a splash of tonic or using it to create a kaleidoscope of flavours, the right kind of gin will always yield successful results. For those looking to experiment with craft cocktails – both sipping and making, the wonderfully versatile flavours of the liquor form the perfect setting for a weekend sundowner. 

Gin Highball

Simple is sometimes sublime enough to tick all the boxes when you need something straightforward but chic. The highball, although possible to recreate with all kinds of spirits, can taste even better when made with gin. This refreshingly easy drink made with gin and soda is typically served over ice, garnished with a twist of citrus. The crisp and effervescent drink is ideal for gatherings that are open-air, allowing everyone to experience a soothing feeling.

Classic Gimlet

This beloved bar staple is a feature on most classic cocktail menus around the world. The seamless blend of gin with lime juice, sweetened with a touch of simple syrup perfectly complements the citrus notes of the spirit, delivering a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness, creating a zesty and easy-to-enjoy drink.

Dry Martini

On comparing a ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ martini, the latter would typically contain a lesser percentage of vermouth and be a gin-forward libation. Typically garnished with a green olive or a lemon twist (or a pickled onion) if you want to transform it to a Gibson, is a sophisticated, smooth and slightly herbal cocktail.

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Tom Collins

One of the sweeter gin cocktails, the Tom Collins is a sparkling concoction that combines gin, lemon juice, sugar and soda water. Enjoyed by simply pouring over ice and a maraschino cherry, this cocktail offers a delightful citrusy and effervescent experience that enhances the base notes the spirit.


One of the giants in the spectrum of classic cocktails, the Negroni has been enjoying a time of revival. Composed of equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth, the harmonious blend of flavours offers a delightful burst of citrus aroma. The cocktail is one of the most ideal choices to pick from for an evening of lazy quality time with friends.

Frozen G&T

Turn the classic cocktail into a sorbet-like drink which can slowly melt as you savour each sip. Freeze a large batch or simply add a significant amount of ice cubes to blend into a drink that is sure to cool off the drinker almost instantaneously. The aperitif cocktail can also double up as an effective drink to kick-off Sunday brunches.