6 Simple Ways To Use Curd That Has Gone Sour
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Curd is filled with a lot of probiotics and healthy bacteria that are good for the gut. Consumption of curd regularly, especially during summer, is very beneficial for health. However, curd is a perishable food item and gets spoiled very easily if it is not stored at the right temperature. Leaving curd at room temperature is not ideal, as its taste becomes sour within a few hours. 

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The curd that has become sour has an intolerable aroma as well as a taste that a lot of people cannot consume. But this doesn't mean that one has to throw away the sour curd. There are a lot of creative ways to use this curd to make something delicious. Here are six simple ways one can use sour curd.

* Chaach

Making chaach with sour curd is probably the best way of utilising sour curd. Chaach is equally beneficial for the stomach during hot summer days and provides a lot of relief to the body internally. Since chaach originally has a slightly sour taste, using sour curd is going to even enhance the taste of chaach. One can use a lot of ingredients like cumin powder, mint leaves, rock salt, coriander leaves, and other ingredients to enhance the taste of chaach.

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* Kadhi Chawal

Kadhi Chawal is a famous Punjabi recipe that is equally popular in North India, like rajma chawal. Kadhi is made from a mixture of curd, chickpea flour, and some spices. To make Kadhi at home, one must take sour curd. Some people deliberately leave curd at room temperature for some time before adding it to their Kadhi. So if, by mistake, one ends up leaving curd at room temperature, then it is always better to use it to make kadhi. It is always a delicious way of making kadhi, and this way, the sour curd also gets used up. 

* Face Pack

Many people like to apply face packs made from curd on their face. Curd gives a cooling sensation on the face and makes it feel rejuvenated. It also has moisturising effects because of the presence of lactic acid. To make a face pack from curd, one simply has to mix two spoons of chickpea flour and some turmeric inside the curd. One can also make different types of face packs using coffee, honey, and saffron as well. Sour curd can be used to make these face packs. For the best results, it is important to keep the specs on the face for at least 10 to 15 minutes before washing them off.


* Soft Dhokla

The most delicious kind of dhokla is soft and has a spongy texture. The flavours of dhokla can be enhanced properly by using curd that is a little sour. To make the dhokla even more spongy, one can add baking soda. The final step to complete the process of making dhokla is to add some curry leaves, mustard seeds, and some sweetened water to give it a delicious taste. Making dhoklas with sour curd is the best way to make use of the curd and not throw it away. Dhoklas always taste better if proper sour curd is used in the preparation.

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* Cheela

Cheela is an easy breakfast option that is eaten by a lot of people as the first meal of the day. It is the right way to give a healthy and fulfilling start to the morning. To make Cheela, one has to use some chickpea flour, curd and spices to make a thick batter. This thick batter is cooked properly on a pan until it turns crispy and is served with delicious dips. An efficacious way to use curd that has become extremely sour is to add it to the cheela batter. This cheela will become extremely fluffy and crunchy and will taste very good.

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* Curd Rice

Curd rice is a classic Indian recipe that is very prevalent in the Southern part of India and is now gaining worldwide recognition. It is a comfort meal that is made from a mixture of boiled rice, curd, and a little bit of seasoning of selected spices. Cashews are also used to add a signature flavour and an additional depth to the dish. One can use sour curd to make curd rice at home. Even if the curd is more sour than what one would prefer, the seasoning of dry red chilli, curry leaves, chana dal, ginger, and mustard seeds is going to temper its flavour