6 Simple Ways to Increase Your Water Intake This Summer

Water is vital for human health as it serves numerous important functions. It promotes hydration, supports internal processes like digestion, circulation, and temperature regulation, and aids in waste elimination and nutrient absorption. Sweating in hot weather or during physical activity increases water loss, underscoring the need for increased water intake.

Dehydration can result in fatigue, headaches, dizziness, and decreased cognitive function. To prevent dehydration, it's essential to drink enough water, which also promotes overall well-being, lubricates joints, and maintains healthy skin. Therefore, increasing water intake is crucial for sustaining healthy bodily functions and overall health.

Here are some effective ways to boost water consumption this summer:

Video Credit: YouTube/ CHI Health

1. Carry a Water Bottle: 

Having a water bottle not only serves as a constant reminder to drink water but also makes it easily accessible. It encourages frequent sipping, thus increasing the likelihood of meeting daily water intake goals. Whether during exercise, running errands, or travelling, a water bottle ensures hydration is readily available, promoting regular water consumption, which is particularly important in hot weather.

2. Infuse Water with Flavours: 

Infusing water with fruits, herbs, or vegetables enhances its taste and aroma, making it more enjoyable to drink. Flavoured water is preferred by many over plain water, leading to improved hydration habits. By offering a variety of fruits to add to plain water, infused water appeals to those who may find plain water less appealing, promoting better hydration and overall wellness.

3. Drink Water Before Meals: 

Drinking water before meals prepares the body for hydration and increases overall water intake. Pre-meal hydration induces a sense of fullness, reducing calorie intake during meals. Additionally, it activates thirst receptors, prompting individuals to drink more water throughout the day and preventing dehydration, which is crucial for digestion.

4. Replace Sugary Drinks: 

Opting for water over sugary beverages increases daily hydration. Sugar-sweetened drinks like sodas, juices, or energy drinks often contain added sugars and calories, leading to dehydration and health issues. In contrast, water is calorie-free and ensures proper hydration, quenching thirst, and maintaining water balance. By choosing water over sugary drinks, individuals can easily increase their daily water intake and support their overall health and well-being.

5. Eat Hydrating Foods: 

Consuming water-rich foods like watermelon and strawberries boosts hydration and provides energy. Regularly consuming these foods increases liquid intake, especially in hot weather or during physical activity. Water-rich foods like cucumber, watermelon, citrus fruits and more, are also rich in nutrients, low in calories, and provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants necessary for overall health.

6. Drink a Glass of Water in the Morning: 

Rehydrating with a glass of water in the morning after sleep-induced dehydration boosts daily water consumption. It kick-starts metabolism, aids nutrient absorption and digestion throughout the day, and supports kidney function by eliminating waste and toxins. Drinking water in the morning also increases energy levels, enhances cognitive function, and promotes overall well-being.