6 Rules For Acing The Breakfast Routine
Image Credit: A healthy breakfast spread, Unsplash

Eating a wholesome breakfast is most important to keep you active and in the best health for the rest of the day. It serves as an easy way of helping you to maintain optimum wealth with a host of nutrients as required by your body. Breakfast is the first meal that you eat after at least eight hours gap from your last meal, i.e., dinner.

Here is a list of breakfast rules that you should follow strictly. 

Timing matters

It would be best if you aimed to have breakfast within 1-2 hours of waking from sleep. If you workout, make sure you have breakfast within 30-45 minutes of post-workout. 

Never skip breakfast

Skipping breakfast is dangerous since your body goes into a survival-like mode, wherein your body saves energy by lowering the metabolic rate. It means you are more likely to feel very hungry for the rest of the day, thus forcing you to eat energy-dense and processed foods. 

Adding protein

Eggs for breakfast, Image Source: Pexels

In the morning, it is suitable for your body to get replenished by lots of vitamins and nutrients. One should know that having jam on bread or butter spread accounts for very little protein. Make sure you have 20 grams of protein in the morning to keep your stomach full and curb your appetite. It is advised to have protein-rich foods with your bread like eggs, low-fat ricotta and cheese. 

Avoiding sugary food

Having high sugar content food for breakfast results in loss of energy and leaving you hungry. This means you will end up having too much food for the rest of the day. Besides, you should avoid eating on the run since that usually results in indigestion, which should be avoided at all costs. Avoid foods like ready-made muffins, muesli, banana bread, and pancakes loaded with added sugars. 

Salty and sugary don’t pair well

Don’t combine sweet and salty foods. Suppose you have fruits that have sugar content but do not eat any salty food after that. It is because salty things make the fruits get inflamed in your stomach. 

Complete it with complex carbs

Overnight soaked oats, Image Source: Unsplash

Complex carbs are rich in vitamin B and fibres that restore energy in your body. Complex carbohydrates can release very slow energy, which is best for supporting sugar levels. In that case, your options are root vegetables, fruits, quinoa, buckwheat, grain bread, and oats. 

Thus, start your day with the abovementioned breakfast eating habits and stay healthy.