6 Refreshing Dahi-Based Drinks To Beat The Summer Heat
Image Credit: Unsplash

It should come as no surprise that dahi or curd has captured the hearts and minds of Indians. It's cooling, a great probiotic that aids with digestion, and it contains calcium in addition to being nutritious. Its origins may also be found in Hinduism, where Lord Krishna cherished milk, cream, dahi, and all dairy products. 

Naturally, curds are not only eaten during mealtimes; they are also whipped into a variety of refreshing beverages, with unique mixes and tastes found in each state and region. However, dahi beverages are always going to be creamy and reviving no matter how they're made. Any taste, whether savoury or sweet, pairs wonderfully with dahi.

Every drink has a distinct spin of its own. This summer, you should explore some innovative and some traditional dahi-based drinks to keep your body and mind cool. Here are some options you can try.

Gondhoraj Ghol

A variety of lime with a tantalising smell found in Bengal, gondhoraj is a delectable twist on your typical sweet lassi. It is a distant relative of the kaffir lime and is frequently referred to as the "king of lemons." On the other hand, Gondhoraj has a larger yet softer flavour. It can infuse vibrancy into a bland dal and enhance the taste of your meat and fish dishes. The Bengali gondhoraj lime is used to spike dahi to create gondhoraj ghol, which is the ideal summertime treat.


Piyush, literally meaning nectar or ambrosia, is a Maharashtrian drink that is a rich blend of buttermilk or dahi and shrikhand. Its name fits it perfectly after just one sip, especially if you add some mango pulp. Just replace the regular shrikhand with one that tastes like mango to give it a more refreshing twist.

Neer Mor

A variety of savoury dahi-based drinks are available in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala. Although it is prepared as an offering for Ram Navami, one can also enjoy it in various ways during the summer months as it is quite refreshing. Because it contains ginger and spices like cumin, hing, and curry leaves, it is an excellent digestive aid.

Strawberry Lassi

Mango is one of the famous fruits that actively contributes to the taste of lassi. However, there are other fruits as well. For example, sweet strawberries and tangy yoghurt combine to provide a delicious combination that is loved by many. In addition, combining strawberries yields a magically coloured beverage known as a pink cooling drink. You may also mix in jaggery, sugar, or honey to give the drink a bit of sweetness.


Traditionally, buttermilk—also called chaas in Hindi—was obtained as a residual and is a salty milk product. It's the perfect summertime beverage because of its components' cooling qualities. Back in the day, buttermilk was the name used to describe the liquid that was left over after churning butter from cultured cream. This has a thick consistency and often has less fat than milk.


Ayran, also known as doogh, is a tasty yoghurt-based beverage that is popular throughout the Middle East but is mostly connected to Iran and Türkiye. The beverage has a long history, and while its specific beginnings are unknown, probably, it evolved concurrently in several global locations.

Yoghurt, ice water, and salt are combined to make doogh. It is frequently mixed with other herbs and spices, including pepper or mint, but occasionally fruit or vegetables are also included. On occasion, a fizzy drink version of it is also produced.