6 Reasons Why You Must Consume Lentil Broth
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Lentil broth is a protein-rich soup that is made from different types of lentils and fresh vegetables. It is generally seasoned with some subtle spices and topped with fresh coriander leaves for a better taste. Many people like to avoid having high carbohydrates in their dinner for better digestion. 

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In this case, looking for a healthy dinner option that makes one feel full yet is light on the stomach is necessary. Lentil broth is an amazing option for people who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and also do not want to compromise their nutrition intake. Here are some of the benefits of consuming lentil broth for dinner.

* Rich In Protein

Lentils are one of the best sources of protein in the vegetarian and vegan category. Looking after one's protein intake during every meal is extremely important. One can choose different types of lentils to make a delicious lentil broth and combine it with some healthy vegetables for better health benefits. Also, lentils are very easy to digest, so having this meal for dinner is healthy.

* Fibrous

One of the biggest reasons why one must choose to have a lentil broth for dinner or for a light lunch is because lentils are very fibrous. Any grain or lentil that is high in fibre will make one feel full even after eating it in small quantities. This feeling of satisfaction helps restrict portions. Generally, it becomes very hard for one to control their potions at the start. In this case, eating meals that have high levels of fibre, such as lentil broth, can do wonders for the body.

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* High In Other Nutritions

As per a study published in the Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health, lentils are extremely high in potassium, fibre, folate, and plant chemicals called polyphenols. Polyphenols promote antioxidant activity in the body and can help in curing a lot of chronic diseases. The best part about lentils is that they're very low in saturated fats as well as sodium, which makes them an extremely healthy choice for a meal. Being low in calories and fat, lentils are a perfect choice for people who are trying to shed some extra kilos without compromising taste and quantity.

* Good For Immunity 

As per a study published in the National Library Of Medicine in 2024, lentils have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects on the body. They also help reduce the burden of disease on the body and prevent any kind of nutritional deficiencies. Lentil seeds are also excellent sources of iron in the body. This simply means that lentils prevent the spreading of different types of microbes in the body. They provide a defence mechanism for the body to fight against any external diseases.

* Versatile

Lentils can be cooked in different ways. One can choose a lentil of their preference, which includes urad dal, chana dal, rajma, cholle and many more. All of these lentils have a different taste and texture. This gives a person the liberty to choose what they want as per their preference. Lentil broth can be cooked by using different types of herbs and spices. Most lentils have a great absorbing capacity, which means that they absorb the flavours of different types of spices very well. 

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* Good For Heart

As per the Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials study Lentils: The Big Health Benefits of Tiny Seeds, lentils can be extremely helpful in lowering the risk of heart disease by reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. As lentils are rich in folate, iron and vitamin B1, they can be extremely useful in tackling the problem of blood pressure. Making a light lentil broth is not just helpful for maintaining one's weight, but it can be a solution to a lot of health-related problems. Making lentil soup a part of one's diet can show significant changes upon perpetual consumption.

How To Make Lentil Broth

The recipe to make lentil broth is pretty simple.

* One has to simply soak some lentils overnight and then cook them in the pressure cooker for at least 2 to 3 whistles. 

* Now, these lentils must be taken out from the pressure cooker and kept in a separate bowl. 

* Simultaneously, in a saucepan, one must sauté some vegetables like onions, carrots, capsicum, and any other vegetable of choice with spices. Now

* Into this mixture, one has to add some water and tomato purée with ginger and garlic paste. 

* After mixing everything properly, one must add the boiled lentils and mix everything well. 

* Let the mixture cook for at least 15 to 20 minutes before serving it. Garnish everything with fresh coriander leaves.