6 Quick Ways To Add Cucumber To Your Daily Diet
Image Credit: Unsplash

Cucumber is an extremely hydrating vegetable that can help your body make up for the heavy sweating during the scorching heat of summer. The crunchy vegetable is also highly versatile and matches up to any cuisine you want to add it to. If you thought the only way to add cucumbers to your diet is to chop them into slices and have them as salad, you might be missing out on a lot.

Cucumbers can be used in a variety of dishes. But on weekdays, you might not have the time to make the elaborate dishes. If that’s the case with your tight schedule, here are some quick ways you can add cucumbers to your day. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some cucumbers and explore some of the easiest ways to eat cucumbers without having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Cucumber And Mint Smoothie

On the days when you are running late to work or have to rush to the gym after work, a glass of cucumber and mint smoothie can save your day. Not only is it quick to make, but it is also healthy to have at any time of the day. All you need to do to whip up this smoothie is wash a cucumber, chop some mint leaves, add some yoghurt and a spoon of honey, and blend it till you get a consistent liquid.

Cucumber Raita

Cucumber raita is a nutritious and filling accompaniment to any of your meals. It is the perfect way to add cucumber to your day if you’re bored of having it as a part of your regular sliced salad. To pair your lunch, dinner, or even eat cucumber raita as a healthy evening snack, you can start by washing and peeling a cucumber. Then, grate it and mix in curd with spices like black pepper and salt.

Cucumber Boats

Cucumber boats are an interesting way of eating cucumbers. You can make cucumber boats for your kids in the evening or pack some of them to take to your workplace for a mid-day snack. To make cucumber boats, you can pick a thicker cucumber and slice it lengthwise into halves. Now scoop out the seed part to make some space for additives like chopped paneer, onion, tomatoes, and sweet corn with your go-to spices.

Cucumber Sandwich

On the days when you want a light breakfast or a quick snack for your kids or for yourself to have in between your meetings, you can quickly whip up a cucumber sandwich. Just take some bread slices and warm them up by heating them in a pan with a little oil. Then, make a cucumber filling with chopped cucumber, mayonnaise, cabbage, black pepper, and salt. Spread the filling on a bread slice and cover it with another slice, and your sandwich will be ready to enjoy.

Cucumber Salsa

There are times when you just want to lay in your bed and munch on some chips. But to make your chips a little healthy, you can make cucumber salsa to eat with them.  You can make a healthy side of salsa with finely chopped onion, tomatoes, and cucumber. Mix all of them with a little squeeze of lemon juice and some salt and pepper. Now, you can sit back and enjoy your chips.

Cucumber Salad With Yoghurt

Instead of having a plate filled with cucumber slices alongwith your meals, you can make a rather interesting cucumber salad with yoghurt. You can even have a bowl of this salad mixed with yoghurt as a meal, and it’ll keep you full. All you need to do is take some chopped cucumber, tomatoes, sprouts, boiled chickpeas and a squeeze of lemon. Now mix the ingredients with yoghurt, salt, and pepper, and you’re good to go.