6 Quality Misal Pav Places In Mumbai
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The tangy Misal Pav, one of the best vegetarian foods in Aamchi Mumbai, is described as spicy, delectable, and decadent. If you visit Maharashtra, particularly Mumbai, you will undoubtedly encounter the ubiquitous Misal Pav in every nook and corner. 

Maharashtra's culinary creation became a popular street-side meal and eventually made its way into restaurants. Misal Pav is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Mumbai. It is the meal that Mumbaikars crave because they are constantly on the move. Misal in Mumbai is simple to prepare and eat, as well as filling. 

All you foodies out there would want to go on a hunt for the greatest Misal restaurants in Mumbai. A Misal connoisseur would travel the length and breadth of the city in a quest for a plate of spicy, red-hot Misal served with soft Pav (bun) and namkeen. What a lovely treat! The prospect of holding such a wonderful delicacy in your hands is enticing enough; think how intriguing the quest for the best venue to eat Misal in Mumbai will be. 

So, where in Mumbai can you get the greatest Misal Pav? Is it Mamledar Misal, Misal Pav in Dadar, or Misal Pav in Colaba? In Mumbai, there are many different types of Misal Pav to choose from, but selecting the best Misal Pav shop might be difficult. 


Aaram, one of Mumbai's most well-known restaurants, is the place to go for a hearty dinner of vade, pohe, or bhajji. Their Misal Pav is highly popular, and we recommend swinging by for a quick tea-time snack or a quick break before heading to work. It is without a doubt the best Misal restaurant in Mumbai. 

Location: Fort Area, Churchgate, Mumbai 

Price for two: 90 Rupees approx. 

 Special Anand Bhuvan Hotel

There's something for every Misal enthusiast here, hot, non-spicy, and medium-spicy, making it one of the greatest locations to eat Misal in Mumbai! This may not be for you unless you don't mind a little more oil. Although this Misal is served hot, extra spices are frequently added, if you aren't a huge fan of spices, you can request a dish without them because they enjoy presenting the meal as hot and spicy. 

Location: Fort, Mumbai 

Price for two: 90 Rupees approx. 

 Cafe Bharat 

 A simple lunch at Café Bharat is an excellent way to spend the afternoon. For spicy Maharashtrian cuisine, the Misal in Mumbai is highly recommended. For those who prefer their food less hot, they have Dahi Misal. 

Location: Andheri West, Mumbai 

Price for two: 90 Rupees approx. 

 Hotel Popular 

 Misal Pav is a popular dish at Hotel Popular in Ghatkopar, where visitors consume plate upon plate of this spicy delicacy. When you combine Misal in Mumbai with tea, you have a great breakfast. Also available is Dahi Misal. 

Location: Ghatkopar West, Mumbai 

Price for two: 160 Rupees approx. 

Mamledar Misal 

 In Mumbai, Mamledar Misal is associated with Misal. Mamledar Misal serves up a mean Misal in Thane, which means spicy to the point of tears! So, tell them what your tolerance levels are so you can enjoy the delectable Misal they offer. Try their Dahi Misal if you can't handle spiciness but still want to eat something. They have a signature Mamledar Misal that is entirely fantastic. It began as a single small store and has now expanded to over a dozen locations. Their Misal is designed for those who want a non-oily lunch, and it reflects their commitment to authentic flavour. 

Mamledar Misal Pav, Dahi Misal Pav, Mamledar Misal without Pav, Jain Misal Pav, Usal Pav, Vada Usal Pav, and Usal are the seven types of Misal. They also serve Farali Misal on fasting days, with extra Pav, Tari or Rassa, and Curd for some extra greens. 

They also serve Butter Milk, Kokam Sarbat, Solkadhi, Lassi, Piyush, Limbu Sarbat, Panhe, Awla Sarbat, Awla Fizz, Ginger Lemon, and Mango Juice in addition to Misal. Limbu Sharbat and Kokam Sharbat are excellent accompaniments to the Misal. 

Location: Thane Area, Mumbai (Multiple Outlets) 

Price for two: 150 Rupees approx. 

 Hotel Amantran 

Misal Pav is a vegetarian restaurant's speciality. The "Mamledar Misal alternative" is often referred to as Hotel Amantran. In fact, after Mamledar Misal, it is one of the best venues to eat Misal in Mumbai. The Misal has a terrific flavour and is extremely spicy. The Misal is made using a variety of Indian spices and herbs, and the Pav is made fresh every day. 

Location: Thane West, Mumbai 

Price for two: 120 Rupees approx. 


These are some of Mumbai's greatest Misal restaurants. While in Mumbai, don't miss the Misal, whether it's Misal Pav or just Misal (without Pav). Try this Mumbaikars' traditional dish to get a taste of their spicy daily grind.