6 Plants You Can Grow In Your Kitchen Garden
Image Credit: Kitchen Garden | Image Credit: Freepik.com

It’s always a beautiful sight to adorn your kitchen garden with lots of plants. You can either allocate a whole garden to your kitchen or make most use of your kitchen windowsill to grow plants. Make a beautiful garden with the plants that you can pluck and incorporate in your cooking.  

Growing plants in your kitchen garden or box windows is a rewarding experience and practical way to always have fresh ingredients available. Mainly, Indians plant fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits that not only looks beautiful but also elevate the flavour and nutritional value of your dish. Besides, kitchen gardening is therapeutic and stress-relieving that promotes the connection between you and nature. It also enhances the oxygen circulation in the kitchen.  

Here are some Indian plants that are perfect for kitchen gardens, thus, providing a fresh flavours to your dishes. Look at the plants you can grow in your kitchen garden.  

  • Coriander (Dhaniya)  

Coriander is considered a staple in the Indian household. Hardly there is any dish that does not contain coriander as a garnish in Indian cuisine. The herb provides fresh, citrusy leaves that are used in chutneys to curries. They are easy to grow in pots which requires a well-drainage system and a sunny spot. You can directly sow the seeds into the soil and water the plant regularly so that the soil remains moist but not waterlogged. The herb matures quickly, allowing you to harvest fresh leaves within a few weeks.  

  • Mint (Pudina)  

This is another quintessential herb required in Indian cooking. This herb is known for its refreshing aroma and cooling flavour. Mint leaves or pudina are commonly used in chutneys, raitas, and beverages like mint lassi. Often regarded as a hardy plant, it can thrive indoors, just that it receives ample sunlight. Plant mint in a wide container as it tends to spread. Water the plant regularly and occasionally trim the leaves to encourage bushier growth. Mint has a prolonged shelf-life even after harvest makes it a sustainable choice for your kitchen garden. 

  • Holy Basil (Tulsi)  

Also known as Tulsi, holy basil holds a sacred place in the Indian culture and is known for its medicinal properties. You can easily grow tulsi in pots with a well-drainage system. Place the pot in a sunny location and water moderately.  Often you might have tulsi tea as an herbal drink and can also be added to dishes for its unique flavour. Tulsi requires minimal maintenance and can be a beautiful and functional addition to your kitchen.  

  • Curry Leaves (Kadi Patta)  

This is another most used ingredient in Indian cuisine. It imparts a distinct aroma and flavour to dishes like curries, dals, and chutneys. Plant this herb in pots and place it in a sunny spot with well-drained soil. Water the herbs regularly, allowing the soil to dry out between the watering sessions. Usually, curry leaves can grow quite large thus, pruning them occasionally when necessary to keep them manageable. You can pluck the leaves and use them in your dishes for a depth of flavour.   

  • Fenugreek (Methi)  

This versatile plant is used for its seeds and leaves. Methi leaves are commonly known for their slightly bitter and earthy flavour and are used in Indian cooking to make dishes like methi paratha or aloo methi. You can grow fenugreek in small pots and place it under a sunny spot. Sow the seeds directly into the soil and water them regularly. You can harvest the leaves when they are young and tender, typically within 20-30 days (about 4 and a half weeks).   

  • Indian Borage (Ajwain Leaf)  

Indian Borage aka ajwain leaf or Mexican mint, is a robust herb having thick, aromatic leaves. It is widely used in Indian cooking and imparts a distinct flavour to the dishes. It is well known for its medicinal properties as well. These plants easily grow in pots and require minimal care. Place them in a sunny spot and offer water sparingly. You can incorporate the leaves as fresh or dried in various dishes.