6 Perfect Gifts To Give Your Whisky-Loving Friends
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If you’re looking to go that extra mile for whisky lovers, a little careful curation can take their drinking habits to a whole new level. Whether it's by helping them to refine their palate with aged spirits or expanding their knowledge of whisky or simply giving them the tools to enjoy their evening drink in a new way, lots of little ways prove that a little appreciation goes a long way. Show your whisky-loving friend or family member some extra attention and make sure that they nurture their passion, by considering gifting them any of these thematic treats.

Whisky Stones/Spheres

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For those who prefer their whisky cold, diluting the sacred spirit with ice might be considered as good as a crime. Enter whisky stones or spheres, which make for wonderful gifts; these bar accessories made from metal or soapstone are non-porous materials that can be stored in the freezer and added to the glass, maintaining the ideal sipping temperature without altering the flavour or potency.

Whisky Subscription

If a service ensured that a bottle of good whisky showed up at their door every month, we’d consider ourselves lucky! Signing your whisky aficionado up with a subscription service allows them to expand their palate and experiment by tasting best whiskys with no extra effort. Since this is the gift that keeps on giving, they’ll be thanking you with every new delivery, raising a toast with every glass!

Whisky Glasses

Although trifling, the shape of one’s glass can significantly impact the whisky-drinking experience. Take for example the Glencairn glass, which is popular for its smaller bowl and tapered neck to capture the aromas efficiently. Snifters too, have a wider lip allowing the drinker to enjoy a more prominent aroma as they sip on their drink. Alternatively, a crystal whisky tumbler is also ideal for everyday use as it is designed to be filled with ice and offers a seamless sipping experience.

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The first step towards becoming a connoisseur in any field is education, and spirits like whisky are no different. A set of well-curated books or guides about whisky are sure to find a pride of place in their bookshelf. Look for titles that explore the history, production and tasting techniques of whisky, that cater to both beginners and aficionados, for a more immersive and well-rounded experience.

Distillery Tour

If your loved ones have a preferred brand, try looking up to see if you can arrange a visit. Many distilleries offer guided tours to see how the spirit is produced and some even host tasting experiences so they can experiment and find new favourites. A hands-on experience allows any whisky enthusiast to learn about the process more closely and sample some exceptional spirits.

A Bottle Of Whisky

Consider getting your whisky-loving loved one a bottle (or two) of some top-shelf whisky, that they can savour on special occasions. Whether its one of their tried and tested favourites or something new to try out, they’re sure to be thrilled and excited. Pick from a range of independent brands or international ones, to gift them something that they will truly cherish for a long time.