6 Must-Have Bar Accessories To DIY Your Mixology Gift Kit
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Making a DIY bar accessories kit is a thoughtful and creative way to warm novices up to learning the art of mixing cocktails. From essential accessories like a jigger to cocktail guides, a DIY kit offers a selection of tools for your loved ones to kick off their mixology journey. Giving thoughtful and creative presents can be a great way to make a DIY mixology kit that suits the preferences of those going to be using them. Add small bottles of spirits and mixers, along with a couple of recipe cards and some quirky bar accessories for a quick and easy to use mixology hamper.


A tool for measuring how much booze to add to a drink, mixing cocktails is about precise measurements. One of the most important tools you could have in a mixology kit is a conical jigger to add just the right amount of spirit to the shaker. 


Considered one of the essentials of a cocktail kit, a traditional metal Boston shaker used by bartenders is the best bet for crafting versatile cocktails at home. Opt for a traditional shaker which has a fitted top and a built-in shaker to make the tastiest martinis around town.


Strainers are required when you use a traditional cocktail shaker to get rid of excess fruit bits and herbs in a mixture so you have a smooth drink to enjoy. Throw in a fine mesh strainer to ensure that pulp or spice mixes are filtered through before the drink is poured. Having a strainer in a cocktail kit enables to craft classic cocktails like martinis, margaritas and mojitos.

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Cocktail Recipe Books

Handy and full of ideas, cocktail recipe books are the perfect addition to a DIY mixology kit. Rather than making recipe cards, opt for coffee table wonders which contain a whole host of recipes for making the most delectable cocktails. These handy guides for amateurs are packed with loads of information on the histories and origins of cocktails as well as their variations.

Spirit Bottles

Keep to inexpensive yet good quality liquors while throwing together a mixology kit so your receiver can test different recipes with ease. Since all of them may not turn out right, add small vials of vodka, rum and gin — basic cocktail spirits, as well as a nice bottle of wine for a bonus present!

Glass Rimmer

Since one of the easiest cocktails that any novice would attempt to make is the margarita, a glass rimmer is an ideal tool to have in a gift kit bag to lace glasses with salt or sugar while serving a drink to guests.