6 Monsoon Fruits To Grow In An Indian Home Garden
Image Credit: Unsplash

The onset of rain marks the beginning of a fresh set of fruits and vegetables to enjoy. Be it enjoying the juiciest litchis or making traditional recipes with brinjal, the monsoon brings heaven of new ingredients and lives not just the plants but your kitchen as well. But do you ever want to have fresh produce growing right in your backyard?

If yes, then the monsoon season is waiting for you to sow the seeds and leverage nature’s way of watering your plants. But you should also note that some plants might get damaged by the thunderstorms. So, here are some fruits that will be perfect for you to plant in the season and enjoy fresh and healthy produce.


Litchi is one of the juiciest and has the most sweetness that you can grow in the monsoon season. Even though litchis usually grow on tall trees, some dwarf varieties are available that are really convenient for you to grow in your backyard or even on your terrace. The only thing you should note is to plant the tree at a location that gets direct sunlight and feed it with regular fertilisers for the most nutritious fruit.


Pear trees need a lot of water, and the monsoon rains are the perfect way to keep them hydrated. Before planting the seeds, ensure that you maintain an acidic pH level and well-draining soil. And after 2-3 years of continuous care, you will get crisp and juicy pears right in your home garden.


Jamun, also known as java plum, is a popular Indian fruit that is mostly enjoyed during the monsoon season. Filled with antioxidants and fibre, jamun is a great fruit to plant in rainy weather. Since they can grow well in containers as well, you can even have fresh produce in a limited space. Just ensure that you use a well-draining pot mix and prune regularly.


Guava trees love warm and humid weather to bear the fruit. With direct sunlight, regular fertilisation, and nutritious, well-drained soil, you can get vitamin-C-rich fruit in your home garden. After about two years, when the guavas are yellowish-green, you’ll know your fruits are ready to be harvested.


If you love tropical fruits and pineapples, the best time to plant them in your home garden is during the monsoon season. Even though pineapples can take some time to fully grow, they’ll be worth the wait. The moist weather and soil will boost the growth of the fruit, but at all times, ensure that there is no water logging due to unforeseen thunderstorms.


You must have spotted banana trees growing on seashores. That’s because the banana trees need moist and humid weather to grow, making them the perfect fruit to plant in the rainy season. Apart from keeping the soil well-drained and planting at a spot with ample sunlight, ensure that you are giving the fruit all the nutrients with regular composting.