6 Milk-Based Dishes For Breakfast For A Healthy Start To Morning
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No matter how many breakfast recipes one comes across, it is always less. As breakfast is the first meal of the day, it is important to ensure that it is healthy and delicious. Most people generally have breakfast after a break of 7 to 8 hours. Also, breakfast is supposed to provide a person with all the energy needed to carry out the tasks of the day before having lunch. 

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Milk is widely consumed in India and there are multiple byproducts of milk that people love to have regularly. The best part about milk is the versatility that it offers. Not only can it be used to make sweet dishes but also equally tasty and droolsome savoury dishes. Although simply having a glass of milk in the morning fulfils one's nutritional requirement, it can certainly become boring after a point of time. Here are some interesting milk-based breakfast recipes that you can surely try.

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* Masala Milk

Masala milk is a deviation from the conventional custom of drinking milk in the sweet form. It is a spicy and multi-flavoured simmered milk that has different flavours of ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom. It is also quite healthy as it doesn't have any refined sugar. If one wants to balance off the flavours of the spices then we can also add a little bit of organic honey and saffron. This flavourful concoction of milk and different spices is the best thing that one will get to drink early in the morning.

* Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is a classic milk breakfast recipe that is famous all across the globe. It is packed with all the necessary nutrients as well as fibre. To prepare this amazing dessert, one has to take some Chia seeds and soak them in milk. The mixture of milk and Chia seeds has to be kept in the refrigerator overnight. Next day the Chia seed pudding should be mixed with different types of nuts, granola and fresh fruits.

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* Smoothie 

A flavourful fruit smoothie is just the best thing that one can have for breakfast. Many people do not like to eat something heavy for breakfast. A smoothie made from fresh fruits and vegetables is just what one needs to fulfil one's early morning nutritional intake and also feel light in the stomach. There is no rule when it comes to making smoothies. One can take whatever seasonal fruits and vegetables are available and mix all of them to make a flavourful concoction. Adding some protein powder to the smoothie can also be a great idea.

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* French Toast

Some classic French toast is an irresistible breakfast option that never goes out of style. Although many people do not add milk to their French toast, this small step can make a huge difference. This dish is prepared by adding cinnamon, milk and a little bit of salt in whisked eggs. Now the slices of bread areproperly, immersed in the solution of milk, egg and spices. After covering the bread with the egg solution from all sides, it is cooked on a hot pan with a little bit of butter. On the top one can result from maple syrup or honey along with powdered sugar and fresh fruits.

* Milk Toast

Milk toast is a proper Indian recipe that is a jugad dessert in many Indian households. All that one needs to do to make this appetising snack is soak some fresh slices of white bread in a mixture of sugar, milk, and cardamom powder. After immersing the bread properly, in this mixture, the bread is toasted on a pan until it becomes golden brown. A byproduct of milk, malai can also be used to make milk toast to enhance its texture and creaminess.

* Paal Poli

Paal poli is a very famous breakfast in the Southern part of India, especially in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. This is a sweet puri that is made from semolina which is soaked in some sweetened milk. The puri is then deep fried and enjoyed in the form of a dessert. Other ingredients that are used to make this appetising dish include ghee, sugar, and cardamom powder. 

* Milk Poha

Milk poha may sound like an unbelievable recipe, but it is quite a famous dish in many parts of India. It is made by taking flattened rice and mixing it with some shredded coconut, milk, banana, and a little bit of jaggery syrup. This famous Gujarati delicacy is generally enjoyed first thing in the morning in many traditional Gujarati households. One can also add some dry fruits or flavourful nuts to this dish to make it even more delicious.