6 Magical Ingredients In Kitchen That Can Preserve Food

We all know how long the shelf life of packaged and processed foods is. Because of the preservatives and additives added, many of our favourite food items last longer. But is it really necessary to add synthetic preservatives to store food? Not really. You can use some natural and magical ingredients stored right there in your kitchen. From salt to vinegar, there are some ingredients in the kitchen that can store your products for a longer time. 


We cannot disagree but salt is the most underrated ingredients available. It doesn’t just highlight the flavour but can also help in increasing the shelf life of the food items it is used in. It can keep pickles fresh for months and can also preserve meat as well as cooked food. As per science, salt prevents the growth of bacteria, molds and yeast in the food. Salt can do a lot more than you can ever think! 


Vinegar is such a versatile ingredient found easily across kitchens. Right from adding vibrant flavour to cleaning kitchen appliances, vinegar works like magic in every way used. Have you wondered why vinegar is used in pickles? It acts as a preservative. Vinegar’s acetic acid inhibits the activity of microbes and prevents food from spoiling. It is added to pickles, sauces, kimchi and what not! 

Ginger And Garlic 

Ginger and garlic are used in every other dish we make. Not just Indian cuisine, it is also used in cuisines across the world. It strengthens the flavour and aroma and also helps in increasing the food’s shelf life.  Both these ingredients are also power packed with health benefits. While garlic has anti-viral properties, ginger has anti-microbial properties. 


Lemon is a natural preservative used in different ways in a kitchen. Loaded with vitamin C, lemon prevents discolouration and oxidation of food. Most of the foods get spoiled by bacteria, yeast, microbes as well as molds but with lemon, these agents cannot survive and thus, the food stays protected and good for a longer time. 


Yes, you read that right. Sugar is a natural preservative just like salt. Sugar can efficiently dehydrate the bacteria, microbes and yeast and prevents them from flourishing. This is the reason why sugar is added to jams, sauces as well as marmalades. Interesting, isn’t it? 

Did you know about these natural preservatives? Do let us know!