6 Kerala Special Non-Veg Dishes To Prepare For Breakfast

Traditional breakfast fare in Kerala includes more than just dosa and idli; locals continue the practice of eating a hearty meal first thing in the morning. Inspired by the state's gastronomic history, which has been shaped by centuries of commerce and cultural interaction, the breakfast scene in Kerala provides a mouthwatering blend of vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives. 

Traditional morning fare in Kerala includes dishes made by Syrian Christians, such as Fish Molly, Duck Mappas, mutton stew, and beef roast. The appams are the ideal accompaniment to these savoury treats, highlighting the wonderful fusion of global and local flavours. Enjoy a breakfast feast fit for a king or queen with a variety of seafood specialties and substantial meat dishes from Kerala. 

Appam with Mutton Mappas 

One of the most popular dishes among Christians in Kerala is stew, often known as "Mappas." The vegetable stew is made by slowly simmering a variety of vegetables, including carrots, potatoes, green peas, beans, and onions, in coconut milk. Additionally, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and green chilies are added to the stew by the cook. Vegetables are substituted for any type of meat or fish (fish molly) in a stew that is not vegetarian. When coupled with appam of your choosing, this gravy is at its most delicious. 

Idiyappam with Egg Roast 

As a classic morning dish from Kerala, idiyappam is made by pressing rice flour into noodleshape on an idly maker and then steaming for 10 minutes. Another name for this dish is string hopper. If you're looking for a sweet accompaniment, try it with thick sweetened coconut milk, vegetable kurma, or egg roast. You won't find a better recipe than this one in all of Kerala.   

Pidi with Chicken Curry 

Rice dumplings are known as pidi. Shallots, garlic, curry leaves, and coriander seeds are cooked in water with the dumplings. The dumplings in the Kottayam area are drenched in white sauce, but in the Malabar region they are served dry. Knanaya, who are descended from Jewish Christians in Antioch, have a traditional dish called pidi in the kottayam style. This is a traditional meal that the mother-in-law makes for a baby shower.  It comes with a chicken curry made with toasted coconut. 

Pathiri with Mutton Curry

Pathiri is a type of bread that is similar to chapati and is composed of rice flour. It is typically consumed in the coastal Malabar area of Kerala. The first step of making this bread is to incorporate rice flour and warm water into the dough. After that, the dough is rolled out into thin discs and placed on a tawa. There is a hot vegetable curry that is served alongside it, or non-vegetarians might choose to eat beef or mutton curry instead. 

Kappa with Fish Curry 

One of the indigenous foods of Kerala, kappa, which may be made from tapioca or yucca root, is readily available throughout the entire year. This breakfast is considered to be among the healthiest in all of Kerala. With its high starch content, this meal is a source of energy for farmers who put in a lot of effort. It is most delicious when accompanied by a hot red fish curry.     

Parotta with Beef Roast 

The Malabari Parotta, also known as the Kerala Porotta, is a type of layered flatbread that can be found in each and every restaurant in Kerala as well as on the streets. Kneading all-purpose flour, egg, oil, and water together is the primary method of preparation. After being pounded to make it thin, the dough is then spiralled into a ball to create layers, rolled out, and then cooked on a pan. When paired with any veggie curry, chilly chicken, or beef roast, it has a delicious flavour. It is generally agreed upon among foodies that the porotta is the most renowned dish in Kerala cuisine.