6 Japanese Dishes To Tolerate The Indian Heatwave
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As per the temperature forecast, the summer is going to get even more fierce in the coming months, which is why everyone should take precautions to avoid heat strokes and dehydration. While drinking water is extremely important, now is the time to make some serious alterations in one's diet. One should make it to a point that they are eating food that is cool in temperament and also hydrating. 

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Japanese cuisine is one such cuisine that has a lot of summer-friendly dishes that are not just easier to digest, but also provide a lot of relief to the body. Here are some Japanese summer-friendly dishes that one must try this season. 


* Zaru Soba

Most people will already be acquainted with the warm noodles of Japan. Although they are delicious, it is not appropriate to eat something so hot when summer is already at its zenith. Zaru soba is a cold variety of Japanese noodles that is made from buckwheat flour. The noodles are first cooked and then kept in the refrigerator. This helps in cooling down the noodles properly before they're served traditionally over a bamboo mat. These noodles are available in Japan all around the year. It can be an extremely refreshing and hydrating lunch for people in India and is also light for the stomach.

* Somen

Somen is also a kind of noodle that has a thickness of 1.7 mm and also has a very subtle flavour. After making these noodels, they are put inside a bowl of ice and cooled down. The most evident characteristic of these noodles is that they are immersed in a sauce called mentsuyu. These noodles are a popular street-side snack in Japan and are also sold at a lot of convenience stores. As an Indian, you can give them a try as they can be eaten for both lunch and dinner.

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* Kakigori

Kakigori simply means shaved ice. It is a very famous delicacy in Japan that is eaten in the country by children as well as adults. This dish is made by taking shaved ice and then putting a lot of fruit syrups and condensed milk on top. Some versions also include matcha powder or matcha syrups. Not only is it colourful but also has different fruity flavours of summer fruits like strawberries, watermelon, and honey melon. Some extended versions of this delicacy have red beans and other extravagant ingredients. This can be a perfect summer dessert.

* Hiyashi Chuka

Hiyashi Chuka is a ramen salad or a flavourful concoction of ramen noodles with crunchy and hydrating vegetables. In this mixture, minimally flavoured ramen noodles are served with some eggs, vegetables, and ham. These are then topped with a lot of soy sauce and a little bit of dressing of sesame seeds. The dish is not just easier to make but also very tasty. It is light because it just consists of steamed noodles with steamed vegetables and some source of protein. 

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* Hiyayakko

Hiyayakko is not just a simple dish, but it is also extremely healthy. It is a succulent dish that is also quite enjoyable. To make this dish one simply has to take a block of tofu and add some seasonings on the top. The seasoning may include a mixture of soya sauce, wasabi, ginger, plum, and yuzu. One can also experiment with different types of dressing. This dish is served chilled and is like a block of seasoned tofu that can be enjoyed as a snack. It is a great vegan recipe that gets prepared within a few minutes.

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* Unagi

Unagi refers to eel obtained from freshwater. Although the dish is not very common in India, it is extremely popular in Japan. It is a great source of instant energy especially when one is feeling extremely dehydrated and energy-deprived. This can be like a treat that one can reward oneself on a special occasion as it is very special and opulent. The dish has charred flavours as it is grilled on the top of a coal griller. It is also quite rich in different types of minerals, vitamins, and a lot of essential nutrients. The meat is dressed with a sweet and savoury sauce and served with some freshly boiled rice.