6 Jam Cocktails To Amp Your Next Weekend House Party
Image Credit: Cocktails | Image Credit: Freepik.com

To amp up the mood of the next homely weekend party, cocktails can’t be missed from the menu. Cocktails and alcohol are enough to create a buzz in the atmosphere among friends and family. Homely parties welcome hosts to try out cocktails variation. And this time, take a pledge to try something out of the box.  

Ever heard of jam cocktails? Jam cocktails are nothing but the fusion of traditional cocktails and the sweet, fruity goodness of jams or preserves. The concoction involves the inclusion of a spoonful of favouite fruit jam into the mix and adding a burst of natural sweetness and a unique twist to the classic drink. Besides, the jams not only add the taste of the drink but also add a vibrant colour and texture. From mojitos to bellinis, jam cocktails bring a playful element to the weekend house party. 

Take a look at some of the jam cocktails:  

  • Jam Mojito  

This cocktail adds a refreshing touch to the weekend parties. The vibrant cocktail is made by muddling fresh mint leaves and lime juice, creating a refreshing base. What sets this mojito apart is the inclusion of a fruit jam namely strawberry or raspberry which not only amplifies the drink but also adds a natural hue. The sweetness of the jam complements the tartness of lemon and crispness of mint. The mojito is then mixed with white rum, topped with club soda, and served over ice.  

  • Berry Jam Bellini  

The cocktail is the epitome of sophistication for weekend home parties. This cocktail blends sparkling prosecco or champagne with the sweetness of berry jam. This drink is made by spooning a generous amount of preferred berry jam, be it blueberry, blackberry or raspberry into the champagne flute. The drink not only infuses fruity essence but also imparts a beautiful colour. The drink is topped with chilled prosecco.  

  • Peach Jam Bourbon Smash  

The tantalizing cocktail is enough to elevate the party in the weekends at home. The cocktail seamlessly blends with the warmth of bourbon with the sweetness of the peach jam. Here the peaches are meddled freshly lending a burst of freshness. A splash of lemon juice is added for a citrusy taste. The mixture is shaken well and added to a glass showcasing a golden hue. The peach jam bourbon smash is garnished with a slice of ripe peach.  

  • Citrus Jam Margarita  

This jam cocktail is made by blending tequila, triple sec, and fresh lime juice in a shaker with ice creating a zesty base. A spoonful of citrus jam, whether orange or grapefruit sets the drink apart from others. The drink exudes an excellent flavour profile and velvety texture. The drink is served in salt-rimmed glass, garnished with citrus slices.  

  • Ginger Jam Whiskey Sour  

The cocktail marries the robust flavours of whiskey and the zesty kick of ginger jam. This drink adds a sophisticated touch to the weekend party. In a shaker, ice, whiskey, lemon juice, and ginger jam are added and blended well. The drink exudes the tangy freshness of lime subtle sweetness and a hint of spice from ginger jam. After straining, the drink transforms into a golden elixir. The drink is garnished with a slice of candied ginger.  

  • Apricot Jam Fizz  

This drink elevates the spirit of the party. It is a blend of gin, tangy lemon juice, and the natural sweetness of apricot jam. All the ingredients are shaken in a shaker with ice and strained into a flute glass, resulting in a fizzy outcome. The apricot jam not only adds fruitiness but also adds a velvety texture which is both vibrant and satisfying. The drink is garnished with apricot slices.