6 Indian Political Leader's Favourite Foods
Image Credit: Narendra Modi/ Instagram

In the past, politicians were known for their work, rallies, and speeches. However, as time progressed and digital media took over, politicians also became celebs. Now their fans and followers scrutinise and hail what they wear, eat, and say. Whether you read the past or catch up with the present, you would notice that food has always played a crucial role in politics.

It has shaped rallies and portrayed the mindsets of politicians. Favourite food items of politicians have also helped them connect with their ardent followers. Be it a traditional dish or a personal recipe, talking about food has helped politicians to build a personal connection with their potential voters. Amid the ongoing General Elections 2024, here is a look at favourite foods of some of the popular Indian politicians.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Image Credit: PM Narendra Modi/. Instagram

Narendra Modi, who has been the prime minister of India for the past decade, is known for his vegetarian choices. For one of his visits to Japan, he and the other ministers feasted on plant-based food items, making headlines in both the countries. In the past, the PM has shared his fondness for Gujarati food, the state cuisine he has grown up eating.

From dhokla and khandvi to pani puri and badam halwa, Narendra Modi’s favourite food has always helped him grab the attention of his followers. In one of media interactions, he shared his recipe for immunity booster moringa paratha, which went viral on social media platforms.

Rahul Gandhi

Among several food items Rahul Gandhi relishes, Indian dishes have to be among his favourites. On one of food walks in Delhi in 2023, he was spotted indulging in aloo tikki, kulfi, and chaat. He shared that while he was studying in a boarding school, he developed fondness for aloo tikki.

Among regional cuisines, Punjabi and South Indian cuisines are among Rahul Gandhi’s favourites. He loves to devour aloo paratha, chole bhature, butter chicken, and tandoori chicken. He visited Karim’s and enjoyed all its delicacies. 

Nitin Gadkari

Image Courtesy: Nitik Gadkari/ Instagram

Nitin Gadkari, who hails from Maharashtra and is serving as the Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, favours Maharashtrian cuisine over any other regional cuisines of India. In one of his interviews, he mentioned that he loves to indulge in Mumbai’s vada pav and roadside pav bhaji.  

The minister is also health conscious, therefore, he prefers to eat santra barfi and soup. He likes to limit consumption of poha because of his blood sugar levels, but like a true foodie, he gives in to his cravings now and then.

Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee, who is currently the chief minister of West Bengal, likes to indulge in Bengali cuisine. She loves home-cooked meals and is, reportedly, a vegetarian. The politician has a special place for tea and muri in her heart.

One of her favourite Bengali street foods includes aloo chop, also called potato fritters. They are often paired with a hot cup of tea. According to reports, she likes to cook khichudi and labra for festive occasions. The politician also knows how to make momos, a popular street food across India.

Smriti Irani

Image Credit: Smriti Irani/ Instagram

In the past interviews, Smriti Irani has said that she is a big foodie. One can tell her the dish, and she would share the street food joints in the city known for serving the best variant of that dish. Her favourite items include choorma ladoo, often prepared in Rajasthan along with dal bati.

Another dish preferred by Smriti Irani includes moringa dal. The minister likes aloo tikki, chaat, and pani puri as well. When she is travelling, she likes to pack thepla along with aloo sabzi to ensure she can enjoy a homemade meal after a tiring day, no matter where she goes. 

Kangana Ranaut

Image Courtesy: Kangana Ranaut/ Instagram

Actor Kangana Ranaut, who has recently turned into a politician, will be contesting in the general elections 2024. She is known for her acting skills as well as oration. The actor in the past has shared glimpses of enjoying festival food. In one of her interviews, she mentioned that her favourite meal is kadhi chawal.

She is a desi at heart and likes to indulge in homemade food. She prefers to eat dal, roti, sabzi, and rice for lunch. The actor is fond of Italian and Japanese cuisines as well. The politician has also shared her love for pani puri and aloo tikki.